James Arthur told a fan to buy her own wine and take a taxi to his flat for sex.

The singer - who won the last series of 'The X Factor' - is said to have followed Danielle Withey on Twitter before inviting her round after they exchanged racy messages.

The 18-year-old beauty therapist has told The Sun newspaper how James, 25, reportedly served her wine in a mug and even made love without taking off his socks and jumper.

She said: ''He doesn't really know how to treat a girl. I'm still trying to get my head around it all.''

The 'Impossible' hitmaker is even said to have stopped their love-making to watch former 'X Factor' contestant Rylan Clark in the final of 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Danielle added: ''It was very, very odd. He just stopped, stood up and turned on the telly. He said, 'I've just got to see if Rylan wins.'

''Rylan did win of course, and James was over the moon. He was shouting at the telly.

''He kept his grey socks on during the whole thing which I thought was odd.''