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Jamelia Faced Urine Challenge On Tv Show

24th February 2015

British pop star Jamelia was faced with a stomach-churning decision whether or not to drink her own urine to survive on a hard-hitting reality Tv show.The Superstar singer signed up for Bear Grylls: Mission Survive...

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Jamelia Pushes Daughters To Take On Business World

15th April 2014

British pop star Jamelia has asked her daughters to draw up business plans to ensure they get ahead in the work place.The Superstar singer is adamant she doesn't want her daughters, 13-year-old Teja and Tiani,...

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Jamelia Needed Fake Lips After Dirty Dancing Accident

15th January 2014

Jamelia had to have fake lips in a music video after she injured her mouth at a party while doing the 'Dirty Dancing' lift with Blue star Duncan James.The singer-and-TV star had been enjoying a...

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Jamelia Forgives Ex For Domestic Abuse

4th December 2013

British pop star Jamelia has completely forgiven the former partner who subjected her to years of domestic violence.The Superstar hitmaker opened up about the physical and emotional abuse she suffered in support of make-up brand...

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Jamelia Injures Foot After The Voice Of Ireland Victory

29th April 2013

British pop star Jamelia is sporting a bandaged foot after cutting herself in a freak accident on Sunday (29Apr13) as she celebrated victory on Tv contest The Voice Of Ireland.The Thank You hitmaker has been...

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Angel's Hands-on Album

12th April 2013

Angel was very ''hands on'' with his debut album.The singer-and-producer - who has previously collaborated with Wretch 32 and Roll Deep - has taken over three years to complete work on 'About Time' but insists...

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Jamelia Hospitalised With Mystery Illness

6th April 2013

British pop star Jamelia spent two days in hospital this week (ends07Apr13) after she was struck down with a mystery illness.The Superstar hitmaker is on the road to recovery after falling sick and spending the...

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Jamelia Scoops A Fortune For Charity

27th December 2012

British R&B singer Jamelia showed off her general knowledge and helped to raise $35,200 (£22,000) for charity during an appearance on a festive Tv quiz.The Superstar hitmaker joined actor Craig Charles, funnyman Dom Joly, and...

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Carly Rae Jepsen And Geri Halliwell Join British Chancellor For Tea Party

12th December 2012

Singers Carly Rae Jepsen, Geri Halliwell and Jamelia joined Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne for a special tea party organised for terminally-ill children at his official London residence on Tuesday (11Dec12).The Chancellor's state...

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Jamelia Lands First Tv Role In Bbc Drama

19th July 2012

British R&B star Jamelia is making a move into acting after landing a guest role on Bbc series Death In Paradise.The Superstar hitmaker will appear in the second series of the hit U.K. drama about...

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Jamelia Replaces Small In The Preston Passion

5th April 2012

British singer Jamelia will perform the final song of a U.K. televised contemporary version of The Passion as a last-minute replacement for M People's Heather Small.Small withdrew from the event on Wednesday (04Apr12) citing illness...

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Mum Of The Year Awards: Winner Gabby Logan Upstaged By Amy Childs

12th March 2012

Anyone who thinks the awards season peaked with the Oscars deserves to be taken outside and placed in the stocks for their lack of ceremony-based knowledge; because as everyone knows it's not truly awards season...

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Jamelia Not Proud Of Single Mum Status

30th August 2011

British pop star Jamelia is ashamed of her single mum status and fears other mothers are "judging" her for not sustaining a family unit.The Superstar singer was 19 when she discovered she was pregnant with...

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Jamelia 'Heartbroken' Over U.k. Riots

26th August 2011

British pop star Jamelia has spoken of her heartbreak over the riots which engulfed Britain earlier this month (Aug11), and she's calling for looters to stop their criminal behaviour.The U.K. was hit with four days...

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London Bomb Scare Disrupts Lott & Jamelia's Birthday Parties

13th January 2011

British singers PIXIE LOTT and JAMELIA were forced to halt their birthday celebrations on Wednesday night (12Jan11) following a bomb threat in London's West End.Jamelia reached the age of 30 on Tuesday (11Jan11), while the...

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Jamelia Breaks Down During Tv Meeting With Dad

10th December 2010

British singer JAMELIA wept as she was reunited with her estranged father for the first time in six years for a TV documentary.The Thank You hitmaker's dad, Donald Williams, walked out on his family when...

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Jamelia Backs Cycling Initiative

17th June 2010

Singer JAMELIA is urging Britons to get on their bikes as part of a new green campaign.The Thank You hitmaker is an ambassador for Green Britain Day, which takes place in the U.K. on Thursday...

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Jamelia Worries Over U.k. Homeschooling

18th May 2010

British R&B star JAMELIA has called for more "stringent checks" for parents who homeschool their kids in the U.K., admitting she has never been monitored by education authorities.In 2008, the singer decided to remove her...

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Jamelia Stunned By Sex Workers In Africa

1st April 2010

British singer JAMELIA is appealing for donations from the U.K. public after an emotional charity mission to Africa where she encountered women forced to sell their bodies.The Thank You hitmaker travelled to Uganda last month...

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Jamelia's Stepbrother Jailed

29th March 2010

The stepbrother of British singer JAMELIA has been jailed for shooting a man during race riots in the U.K.Tobias Rowe will spend a minimum of 12 years behind bars after he was found guilty earlier...

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50 Cent To Help Jamelia

5th January 2010

50 Cent is planning to make Jamelia "the first lady of G-Unit". The 'Candy Shop' rapper - otherwise known as Curtis James Jackson III - hit it off with the British singer at the premiere...

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Jamelia Expected Flop

14th December 2009

Jamelia isn't surprised that her last album didn't sell well.Despite 'Walk With Me' selling over 100,000 copies, the 'Superstar' hitmaker insists she was unhappy with the record and didn't feel comfortable when it was released...

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Jamelia To Divorce

3rd November 2009

Jamelia is getting divorced.The 'Superstar' singer moved out of the home she shared with soccer player Darren Byfield - with who she raises two children, Teja, her eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and Tiani,...

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Jamelia Set To Divorce Soccer Star Husband

3rd November 2009

British R&B star JAMELIA is preparing to divorce her soccer star husband - just one year after walking down the aisle.The Superstar singer has split from her sports player partner Darren Byfield, moving out of...

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Mel C's Breast Performance

8th September 2009

Mel C will collaborate with Joss Stone for a breast cancer charity.The former Spice Girl and the 'You Had Me' hitmaker will join forces to perform Hard Rock's PINKTOBER Presents: Women of Rock charity concert...

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Keisha Buchanan Causes Flood

12th June 2009

Keisha Buchanan has flooded her mother's house.The Sugababes singer fell asleep while running a bath and awoke to find the whole house under inches of water.She wrote on social networking site Twitter: "Ok, so ive...

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Jamelia Serenaded By Choir Of Killers

22nd December 2008

R+B star JAMELIA was serenaded by a group of killers when she visited her brother in prison. The British singer was visiting her younger sibling Kairo Beckford, who is serving life for shooting dead a...

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Fascinating Fact 6569

21st December 2008

British pop star JAMELIA has signed up to front a U.K. government campaign to encourage schools in the country to give pupils music lessons....

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Jamelia Book Shelved

7th September 2008

British R+B star JAMELIA has been forced to put her autobiography plans on hold - because publishers fear her memoirs won't sell. The Superstar singer had planned to release a book about her life this...

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Jamelia Weds Soccer Ace

15th June 2008

British pop star JAMELIA has wed her longtime boyfriend, soccer star DARREN BYFIELD. The couple split briefly in 2007 amid accusations that Byfield had cheated on the Superstar hitmaker, but they were reunited within months...

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