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It Follows Review

With an inventive retro style, writer-director David Robert Mitchell offers an enjoyable riff on the teen horror movie. The film is shot with a fierce sense of perspective that draws the audience into a series of situations that are so unnerving that we're looking over our own shoulders as we leave the cinema. So even though some of the set-pieces feel under-cooked, the film is unsettling and involving.

The story takes place in a Detroit suburb, where Jay (Maika Monroe) is told by her boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary) that he's passed something on to her when they slept together. And it's far worse than an STD. Now Jay can see random people following her everywhere. If one of them catches up with her she dies, and they'll go back to following Hugh. In a panic, Jay turns to her lovelorn childhood pal Paul (Keir Gilchrist) and her little sister Kelly (Lili Sepe), as well as her friend Yara (Olivia Luccardi) and groovy neighbour Greg (Daniel Zovatto). Together they run away to take stock of the situation, and all become convinced that the threat is real. The question is what to do next.

Although set in the present day, the film has a vivid 1970s feel, as these teens drive around in vintage cars, use landlines and think hiding out at a cabin in the woods is a good idea. And there are thematic echoes as well, with absent parents and the dark approach to youthful sex. Yes, this sexually transmitted stalker makes all of the film's intimate encounters feel eerily joyless, as if sex is something to reluctantly get out of the way. So over the course of the film, we watch these happy, carefree teens turn hollow and paranoid, which is surprisingly moving. And more than a little creepy. The fresh cast makes all of this remarkably realistic, especially since the plot's supernatural craziness is clearly a metaphor for the "Just say no" generation.

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It Follows Trailer

Jay (Maika Monroe) is just a normal teenage girl, desperate to break free from the normal conventions of her normal life. To this end, she goes on a date with a guy for a sense of freedom, and engages in a sexual relationship. But something passes from him to her - and its not what you would think. Something - a dark and mysterious something - has been following him, and now it is following her instead. A thing that is nameless, and shapeless, looking like whatever will help it get close to you. And it will never stop, until everyone one it is associated has been killed.

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Picture - Jake Weary and Rachel Melvin... ATLANTIC CITY New Jersey United States, Sunday 20th April 2014

Jake Weary and Rachel Melvin - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere Narrative: 'Zombeavers' held at Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea - ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey, United States - Sunday 20th April 2014

Peter Gilroy, Jordan Rubin and Jake Weary
Jake Weary
Jake Weary and Rachel Melvin
Peter Gilroy and Jake Weary

Fred: The Movie Trailer

Fred is a 15 year old who lives a happy life in his own little world, outside of that world he is generally seen as an easy target for bullies. Wishing to see the object of his desires, Judy, Fred embarks on a mission to find his love. The only problem is she's moved house and Fred must undertake a huge mission to find her.

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Picture - Jake Weary New York City, USA, Monday 29th October 2007

Jake Weary Monday 29th October 2007 Paper, Diesel, and Dos Equis host the 'Night Life Awards' at Spotlight New York City, USA

Picture - Jake Weary and Jake Silbermann New York City, USA, Monday 29th October 2007

Jake Weary - Jake Weary and Jake Silbermann New York City, USA - Paper, Diesel, and Dos Equis host the 'Night Life Awards' at Spotlight Monday 29th October 2007



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