Jake Gyllenhaal is addicted to baguettes from a high-street bakery chain.

The 'Southpaw' star has revealed he can't get enough of the baguettes sold at United Kingdom chain Greggs and always stops by the store when he visits the country.

He shared: ''I eat Greggs, Greggs baguettes - that's what I eat when I'm in London.

''If it's sunny, I just find a green spot and sit. That's what I do when I'm here.''

Despite being an international superstar, the 34-year-old actor has admitted he hardly gets recognised in England.

He told Magic FM: ''I rarely get recognised here. I find the British people to be a little like, shy, I guess or maybe they just don't care.''

And Jake would have no problem stuffing his face with the treats from the bakery, as he previously revealed he would considering ''getting fat'' for a film role.

Asked whether he would bite the bullet and put on weight for a movie, he said: ''Absolutely! I mean I think, it just depends on the role and it depends on if I'm driven by it. I like to learn and do almost anything for a role. It's not an easy thing that, but I'd give it a go.''