Jake Gyllenhaal feels honoured to reach 30.

The actor - who is rumoured to be dating singer Taylor Swift - reaches the milestone age on December 19 and rather than be worried about getting older he is excited about seeing what the future holds.

He said: "I feel good about it. I'm excited. It's like the closing of a chapter of one part of my life and into another. It's kind of an honour to get to 30.

"I've finally realised I really enjoy being in my own skin. So it's given me the opportunity to realise what I like. You pass through all different stages.

Jake shot to fame after appearing in breakthrough movie 'Donnie Darko' in 2001 and is thrilled that he has a library of films that catalogues how he has changed in recent years.

He added to Total Film magazine: "I have different movies that are representations of those different times in my life, which is odd. That doesn't happen to many people, where they get to grow up in movies."

Jake also admits he is glad he has never got carried away by the trappings of fame and has managed to stay grounded by remaining close to his family and friends.

He said: "I don't think ignoring it is a bad thing. You've got to plug your ears up and tie yourself to the mast and beg the people you love not to untie you.

"But I don't think anyone is immune to the oddities of these types of things."