The Nightcrawler star has enjoyed high-profile romances with celebrities including Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst and Taylor Swift, but none of his relationships have lasted more than two years.

He was quizzed about his lack of lasting romance during a candid interview with U.S. radio host Howard Stern on Wednesday (22Jul15), and confessed he has only really been in love "twice", admitting the lack of a partner in his life "upset" him.

Gyllenhaal, who refused to name the lovers he really connected with, told Stern, "I love love, man. Are you kidding me?"

The shock jock then mused, "Each time you were in love, something held you back from committing and get married", to which the 34 year old admitted, "Yeah, me. It was me, man. I think I probably just got scared."

Gyllenhaal also revealed he hopes to one day get married, insisting he has since matured and overcome his commitment phobia, stating, "I think it's hard for everybody, but I also think at some point, you just decide to grow up, you know...? If you find the right person... I believe in monogamy. I believe when you meet somebody right it will be right and it will stay that way."

During the interview, Stern quizzed the actor further about his three-month romance with Swift, which ended in January, 2011, and suggested Gyllenhaal shouldn't have let the singer get away.

He commented, "I feel - and this is me stepping in - you should have married Taylor Swift, and I'll tell you why... What a power couple!"

Stern went on to claim he would have advised Gyllenhaal to propose to the pop superstar had they been pals at the time, adding, "I would have said, 'Jake, this is The One.' Because to me, nothing is sexier than a woman who can play songs and write."

An amused Gyllenhaal, who agreed Swift is a "beautiful girl", quipped, "Why didn't you have me on this show sooner?"