Hollywood heart-throb Jake Gyllenhaal has admitted to unlikely diva behaviour on the set of his latest film The Day After Tomorrow.

The Donnie Darko actor, 23, loved starring in the big-budget disaster movie, but on several occasions refused to say some of the lines in the script and suggested new ones.

Gyllenhaal says, "There were a couple of instances where I said, 'No way am I saying that line!' and they rewrote it.'

"There won't be any subtitle saying, 'Sorry, these guys don't sound like real human beings, but they just didn't have the balls to say the dialogue sucked."

And Gyllenhaal knows more about screenwriting than most actors - his mother Naomi Foner is a writer.

Gyllenhaal continues, "Coming from a family where my mom is a writer, I just respond to how people speak. I thrive on the process of getting this stuff right.

"It drove them crazy, but it was fun. You have to entertain yourself when you're spending seven months in Montreal."

28/05/2004 02:33