Infused with a B-movie vibe, this fast-paced, choppily edited thriller doesn't waste any time on character complexity or plot development, just putting an innocent, albeit troubled, family in harm's way. But its increasingly preposterous narrative and hysterically over-violent action makes it something of a guilty pleasure.

Ex-con Nate (Caviezel) is trying to reconnect with his wife Robyn (Rohm) and sons (Knight and Cherry) on a camping trip in Louisiana. But their paths cross with a gang of armoured-car thieves (Frain, Perrineau, Downho and Baird), who hide their stash in the family's camping gear. Getting it back is trickier than they expect, especially after Nate has a run-in with the law in a backwoods Louisiana town, and Robyn leaves him to fend for himself. And the gang doesn't care who they kill to get their cash.

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