Jake Bugg talks to Contactmusic.com about his musical beginnings ahead of his self-titled debut album set for release this October 22nd (2012).

Discussing his roots, influences and initial musical interest, the 18-year-old from Nottingham reveals how it took a while for music to spark an interest in him. 'I had no interest in music until I was about twelve', he says. 'I was just into football.' It took his uncle introducing him to the guitar to really grab his attention despite being surrounded by a highly musical family including both his mother and father. He wasn't even a fan, at first, of his obvious influences Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, 'That's just something that's grown on me', he muses.

In spite of this, music did invoke a strong passion in him from the get go. He reveals how he 'left football behind' when he discovered it and was highly drawn to some of his other influences, 'When I first heard JIMI HENDRIX I thought he was brilliant', he told us when we asked about how long he'd been interested in that kind of artist. He also uncovers his favourite band in the interview, asserting that he'd liked them even before music was of an interest to him.

Jake is preparing to embark on his first headlining tour in the shadow of his debut album. He has already received massive support from Radio 1 particularly with his last couple of singles, 'Taste It' and 'Lightning Bolt', which have both received continuous and enthusiastic airplay.