Jake Bugg told his band ''no-one was there to see them'' when they shared a stage with The Rolling Stones.

The singer-songwriter - who opened for the legendary rockers at Barclaycard presents British Summertime Hyde Park on Saturday (15.07.13) - was not expecting the crowd to be cheering for him and considered it a ''privilege and an honour'' to grace the stage alongside such acclaimed artists.

Speaking to Absolute Radio he said: ''I told the band and the lads that when you go on stage just think that there's no-one in that crowd to see us, so if you get a couple of cheers and a couple claps it's better than what you thought it would be.

''It's the biggest show I've played, maybe not the most receptive crowd wise - you know seventy, eighty thousand people there to see the Rolling Stones, not Jake Bugg, but it's a complete honour. I did T in the Park, which was amazing and then onto supporting the Stones. You can't beat that. I just loved it.''

Jake said he admires The Rolling Stones and their 50 year career has had a big effect on him.

He added: ''The Stones have definitely been an influence on me. They're a great band with a good body of work and there is definitely something to be taking out of that. You know they had a lot of old blues influences; they're an amazing band.''

You can watch the full Jake Bugg interview at absoluteradio.co.uk.