Jake Bugg has noticed a contrast between his lyrics and new lifestyle.

The 'Broken' singer has seen his world change as he traded in a Nottingham council estate for the ''bright blue ocean'' in California.

He told the Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: ''None of [my friends] are bitter ... [But] it's very difficult from a lyrical point of view.

''I write about stabbings, smoking and drinking on the streets, and now I'm in Malibu. I can see the bright blue ocean and I've got lemon trees growing around me.''

The 19-year-old musician's rise to fame has left him slightly uncomfortable when many of his friends are still ''packing in shops'', but he knows the journey he's embarking on will give him plenty of material for future records.

He added: ''I always like my clothes, but before I go signed, I had one pair of jeans. The fact I could go out and buy a pair of shoes was crazy for me. It's still mad now. I've got friends that are packing in shops, and I forget. I just feel like a t**t ... I don't like to speak about money.

''What's weird is, I knew that if I wanted to do music for a living, if I wanted to be successful, then there might be things that come with that I might not necessarily enjoy too much.

''It would have its perks, but it would also have its downfalls. But I might as well do it while I'm 19.''