Jake Bugg doesn't want his album to go to number one - in case One Direction topple it from the top of the chart.

The 19-year-old rocker - who has repeatedly blasted the group - releases his new record 'Shangri La' just a week before the 'Best Song Ever' singers bring their new offering 'Midnight Memories' out so he is wary of further backlash from a chart battle.

He said: ''I've seen that One Direction's album is out the week after mine. So the question is, 'Do I wanna be number one or not? Cos if it does go to number one, that means they'll knock me off the top spot. [But] I mean, what can you say? 'Yeah yeah, ha ha, they knocked you off.'

''I mean, it would be nice to have another but you can't get greedy now, can you?''

And despite his previous comments, Jake admitted he's impressed by One Direction's longevity so far.

He added in an interview with Q magazine: ''I'm sure they're really nice lads. I just don't like their music. But it'll be interesting to see how that all works out cos as a boy band, they seem to have hung around longer than most do. I'm just intrigued to see how it goes.''