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Unforgiven Review

"I do not like assassins -- or men of low character." Gene Hackman and Clint Eastwood face off in one of the best westerns ever made -- make that the best western ever made -- produced some 50 years after the prime of the western era. Eastwood plays a reluctant assassin trying to raise money to save his small farm, kids, and sick pigs, while Hackman's much-abused sheriff aims to stop the killing.

The dialogue is fantastic, with Eastwood utterly believable in his testifying to the evils of whisky, and Hackman totally at ease with saying he "et it." Richard Harris's English Bob is an unforgettable pansy of a villain, and the widescreen cinematography is lush during the day, ominous during the invariably rainy nights.

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The Guilty Review

Very Good
Weird and creepy pot boiler has Bill Pullman as a high-profile Manhattan lawyer who gets mixed up in a scheme to off a girl (Anwar) whom he sorta-raped in a drunken haze. Only it turns out the would-be hitman is the long-lost son (Sawa) he never knew he had!

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Rock My World Review

An old English couple poses as servants and allows an American rock band to stay at their country estate for a week. This ridiculous story just about scrapes bottom when Alicia Silverstone applies glitter makeup to the face of Joan Plowright. Pity Peter O'Toole, who is so far above this material and yet takes everything in stride. He almost makes the movie worth watching for his stuffy butler performance.

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Tail Lights Fade Review

Well, it turns out it's a mad, mad, mad, mad Canada in this Cannonball Run/Smokey and the Bandit clone for the late 1990s. This time out, four twentysomethings are heading across the Great White North in order to clear out a barn full of pot before the cops find it, not to mention other nefarious types, backstabbing, and doublecrossing.

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