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Dan Baldwin Private View

Jamie Winstone - Guests attend private view of Dan Baldwin's 'The Fear of Letting Go at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, New Compton Street - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 30th September 2015

Jamie Winstone
Jamie Winstone
Jamie Winstone
Guest and Jamie Winstone
Guest and Jamie Winstone
Guest and Jamie Winstone

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Private View

Jaime Winstone - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - private view at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington, London at Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 14th March 2015

Jaime Winstone

Celebrities At The ITV Studios

Jamie Winstone , Jaime Winstone - Jamie Winstone outside the ITV studios - London, United Kingdom - Friday 17th October 2014

Jamie Winstone and Jaime Winstone

Glastonbury Festival 2015

Jamie Winstone - Jamie Winstone listens to the Dalai Lama speech in the green fields - Glastonbury, United Kingdom - Sunday 28th June 2015

Jamie Winstone

Edinburgh International Film Festival - Jurors' Photocall

Dolly Wells, Kyle Patrick Alvarez and Jaime Winstone - Edinburgh International Film Festival - Jurors' Photocall at Filmhouse - Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Wednesday 17th June 2015

Dolly Wells, Kyle Patrick Alvarez and Jaime Winstone
Dolly Wells, Kyle Patrick Alvarez and Jaime Winstone
Jaime Winstone
Jaime Winstone
Jaime Winstone
Jaime Winstone

Keira Knightley Admits She's A Spelling Error, But Who Else Has A Weirdly Spelt Name?

Keira Knightley Jaime Winstone Alyson Hannigan Thom Yorke Tobey Maguire Courteney Cox Barbra Streisand Nicolas Cage Zooey Deschanel Ioan Gruffudd Ashlee Simpson

Keira Knightley has always baffled the world with her first name's unique spelling, but as it turns out, rather than it being creative license on the part of her parents, it was a simple spelling mistake that less than impressed her father.

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley has done well despite the difficult start her name had

In an interview with Elle magazine, the 29-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star explained that she was supposed to be named after the Russian figure skater Kiera Ivanova but her mother got the spelling wrong when she went to register the birth. Apparently, this didn't go down too well with Mr Knightley.

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Love, Rosie Review


Deliberately unstructured, this likeable romantic comedy holds the audience's interest with its strikingly engaging cast and a slick visual style, but the plot is both contrived and underdeveloped. As the filmmakers try out some wacky slapstick, pointed political moments or a bit of darkly emotional drama, the movie's tone veers so wildly that we don't quite know where to look. And by never managing to crack the surface, the script leaves the actors with little to do but look good.

The story centres on two childhood friends: Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) grew up on the same street in England, developing romantic longings that they kept hidden. After a drunken teenage kiss, they rebound into the arms of other people: Rosie hooks up with the school hunk Greg (Christian Cooke), while Alex takes wannabe supermodel Bethany (Suki Waterhouse) to the big dance. Then Rosie and Alex's plan to go to university together in Boston is derailed by an unexpected pregnancy. Over the next 12 years they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, trying to get on with their romantic lives. Alex finds a serious girlfriend (Tamsin Egerton) while Rosie re-connects with Greg and gets support from a pal (Jaime Winstone). But they never stop pining for each other.

Shot and edited in a bouncy rom-com style, it's immediately obvious where this is heading, so screenwriter Juliette Towhidi has to work overtime to throw the audience off the scent, which leaves the movie spinning in circles while we wait for the inevitable to happen. Fortunately, the characters are vivid enough to keep us entertained, as people move in and out of each others' lives providing the laughs and tears for Rosie and Alex, as well as the audience. Even if the characters are predictable and simplistic, Collins and Claflin manage to find moments of real depth along the way. Although it's difficult not to think that one proper conversation between these lifelong best pals would have saved them decades of frustration.

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Love, Rosie Trailer

Love can be confusing, complicating and utterly gut-wrenching as Rosie painfully discovers on her journey to adulthood. She and Alex have been best friends since childhood, with any hint of a romance being only fleeting, and quickly replaced by someone else. At school they decide to go to university together in America, but while Alex lands his dream scholarship at Harvard, Rosie finds herself left behind with an unplanned pregnancy - with the father taking off pretty quickly. Alex and Rosie are determined to stay in contact, but when she makes the mistake of telling her colleague about him, she starts to wonder if she has lost him forever as they begin planning a wedding. As it slowly dawns on Rosie that she and Alex were made for each other, it becomes unclear how their next meeting will end - especially after 12 years.

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Love, Rosie - Teaser Trailer

Alex Stewart and Rosie Dunne are the best of friends struggling through the pressures of their teenage years; Alex is intent on losing his virginity to the pretty blonde girl he's interested in while Rosie is meanwhile having her own problems in the bedroom. Their friendship leads them to agree on jetting over to the US together for their university years, but it looks like Rosie's life is going to take a different turn entirely. In the next 12 years, they find their worlds transforming in more ways than they could've possibly imagined, but the matchless bond between them can only strengthen with time. And while their romantic lives stray away from each other, could they find themselves rekindling hidden feelings for one another in their futures?

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Video - Emma Watson, Logan Lerman And Douglas Booth Arrive At 'Noah' NY Premiere - Part 2

Onscreen siblings Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth were spotted arriving at the premiere of their biblical epic 'Noah' held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. Emma stood out in a gorgeous shiny black gown with long sleeves and a trailing hem and Logan was snapped posing alongside the actor who played the younger version of his character, Nolan Gross.

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Powder Room Review


While women in the audience may find resonance in the comical prickliness, this film remains more of a stage play than an actual movie. Indeed, playwright Hirons has adapted the script from her play When Women Wee, but it's such a broad farce that we never quite believe any of it on-screen. Although two of the actresses nicely underplay their characters for the cameras.

The story takes place almost entirely in the ladies' room at a British nightclub, where the disorganised Sam (Smith) is having a night out with her friends: shameless maneater Chanel (Winstone), trashy Saskia (Hoare) and the too-nice Paige (Steele). Then Sam runs into the posh Michelle (Nash) and her gorgeous French friend Jess (Chaplin), and decides to ditch her pals. But the club isn't big enough to avoid them for long, and things get increasingly messy for everyone as the night progresses. Meanwhile, the restroom attendant (Fiori) just laughs at their melodrama.

With Sam at the centre, every other woman is essentially a stereotype carefully written to convey some aspect of femininity. By contrast, the men are barely defined at all, so only two register, both of them unusually nice: Sam's ex (Warren) and a guy (Balfour) she chats to in the smoking area. But in this large ensemble, only Sheridan and Winstone manage to give their characters three dimensions, mainly because they create properly cinematic performances that rely on understated details rather than histrionics.

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Uwantme2killhim? Review


British director Andrew Douglas (2005's Amityville Horror remake) takes a clever look at youthful naivete in this strikingly inventive thriller, which is based on a true story. Its focussed perspective lets us see the events unfold as the main character might, and watching him misinterpret everything is seriously unsettling.

That character is the cool North London teen Mark (Blackley), who avoids his annoying parents (Womack and Delamere) by hiding in his room while chatting online to local teen Rachel (Winstone). She has gone into witness protection because of her brutish boyfriend (Johnston), and she asks Mark to look out for her nerdy little brother John (Regbo), who's being bullied in school. As they hang out together, Mark and John strike up a friendship. But when Rachel disappears, Mark begins chatting online to an MI5 agent (White) who convinces him that he needs to take violent action to save lives at school.

Right from the start, we suspect that something is up with the people Mark meets in internet chatrooms. But we also understand why he doesn't question anything: the setting is 2003, rife with still-gurgling paranoia after 9/11 and Columbine. Also, the film intercuts Mark's story with the aftermath of his actions, as he's interviewed by a tenacious detective (Downton Abbey's Froggatt). So we know that we are seeing the people he's chatting to through his mind's eye, which is why director Douglas makes the eerie decision to show them talking to their computers rather than just typing. We question whether they're real, but Mark never does.

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Powder Room Trailer

Sam is living an entirely uninteresting life full of hardships and love life troubles. However, during one night out to what she reckons is a 'posh' nightclub, she is forced to reassess her life and think about who she really wants to be as she is reunited with her glamorous old friend Michelle, who is now engaged and leads a glitzy lifestyle in Paris with her equally trendy friend Jess. To her, the club is a distinctly cheap and tacky and Sam becomes so consumed with jealousy that she finds herself carving out a whole new identity that she is forced to keep up the rest of the night. But with friends like Chanel, Saskie and Paige who spend the evening downing shots and shamelessly seducing men, it becomes a harder feat than she realised.

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Alice Dellal Bares (Mostly) All For LFW Show

Alice Dellal Pam Hogg Jaime Winstone Lady GaGa Tyra Banks Jessie J Rihanna Claudia Schiffer

Alice Dellal made a cheeky appearance at last weeks London Fashion Week, gracing the runway wearing a backless apron, with nothing to hide away her bottom.

The nearly nude display was part of designer Pam Hogg's catwalk show at London's Freemason Hall on Tuesday (September 18th), during which Miss Dellal modelled an all white ensemble consisting only of a backless white bib dress, nurse's style headwear and platforms. She later made another revealing walk down the runway, dressed in a hardly there, black dress that hardly covered her breasts or bum - all in the name of fashion.

Hogg is no stranger to a little controversy on the catwalk, as earlier this year she whipped up an unusual ensemble piece for Jaime Winstone, one that drew more gasps and giggles that it did cries of awe and a sense of creative inspiration. Still, she is a designer who is cherished by a number of celebs and has had her original designs worn by the likes of Lady GaGa, Jessie J, Tyra Banks, Rihanna and Claudia Schiffer.

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Wild Bill Trailer

Bill, known to his friends as Wild Bill, has just been imprisoned for eight years for drug dealing. Now out on parole, he returns to his flat in a tower block in East London to find his two sons, Dean and Jimmy, living alone. Their mother abandoned them a while ago, so the respective fifteen and eleven year olds have been fending for themselves.

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Jaime Winstone

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Jaime Winstone

Date of birth

6th May, 1985








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