R+B singer Jaheim caused an on-air commotion last week (ends29AUG03), when he threw a massive tantrum during a radio interview.

Jaheim appeared on DJ SWAY's show on New York's HOT 97 on Tuesday (26AUG03), and became infuriated when he was asked by JIMMY MARR if he was "a homosexual" during the interview. The COULD IT BE singer responded by asking Marr the same question before losing his temper.

According to the Sway team, Jaheim and his entourage verbally attacked Marr and "busted up" the studio, breaking microphones and equipment.

Sway says, "It was like the opening of Saving Private Ryan. FAT MAN SCOOP said we should rename our show THE FIGHT CLUB."

Station programme director TRACY CLOHERTY is downplaying the incident, stating, "There were all kinds of rumours, like someone got stabbed. All that happened was the guest didn't like a question and threw some stuff around. That's really it."

01/09/2003 09:31