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Jagged Edge
So Amazing
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Jagged Edge So Amazing Single

Retreating back to their roots the Atlanta based group, Jagged Edge release 'So Amazing' as their voices pour over the heavy beats with the revival of the nineties Jodeci-like style. The mix of soothing vocals and club beats is what R&B should be. The boys from JE easily shift gears back to their silk sheet and champagne image in 'So Amazing', mixing the thug and lover persona better than ever. Taken from the seductive album 'Hard' proves that the boys from Jagged Edge are back on form.


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Jagged Edge
So Amazing
Sony Bmg

Undeniably the real R&B fans favourite sons, Jagged Edge return with a real Latino inspired club arse shaker. Spanish guitars are a plenty, Jermaine Dupri gives it the So So Def production touch. But the truth is Jagged could sing the national anthem and make it sound cool and urban because they are the masters of R&B. This isn't the greatest track they have ever recorded, but it is still better than what else is out there right now for the clubs, it is Jagged through n through and you just know that they will nail this album when the radio friendly tracks get released. Because this is pure club R&B through and through.



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