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Jagged Edge
Jagged Edge
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Jagged Edge Jagged Edge Album

Quite simply the most underrated band in the world of R&B, return with a brand new album. This group have such a huge underground fan base that their albums sell well in the UK without having that elusive chart hit. Currently they sit at Number 1 in the national charts as guest vocalists on the Notorious Big "Duets" single "Nasty Girl". Their latest album opens with the sublime "Ghetto Guitar"; this acoustic lead mid-beat radio friendly swayer simply shows what the fan base love about this amazing group. Breathtaking vocals, harmonies and grooves all melt into one another and leave your mouth-watering for more. "So High" continues in that tasty mid beat oh so radio friendly smouldering vein. This groups vocals simply leave you in jaw to the floor mode. This catchy infectious well-written, well-produced track simply gets ya hooked. Just when you think that how can they follow up the two openers up pops the every bit as classy "Watch You", simply stunning. Running out of superlatives as a journalist you are now longing for a bad cut to come along. Nope this is Jagged "Hopefully" is a real masterpiece in the art of down low R&B biz. The album is now crying out for something a lil more up beat and boy do JE deliver. The mid-beat, hip hop driven arse shaker "Get A Lil Bit Of This" is another cut that shows why these guys are heads n shoulders above the rest of the R&B groups out there. "Crying Out" continues in similar mould. "Good Luck Charm" is JE at their ballad R&B best in similar mould to their anthems "Lets Get Married" and "Walked Outta Heaven" for example. This is where Jagged win over every serious female fan in the R&B world. Their power vocals leave you in nothing but awe, they are the kings of this shit and boy don't you know it. They nail this track to the ground. The bread n butter single follows "So Amazing" a track that will get rinsed in club land for months. Then we are treated to something really special as JE join forces with irresistible John Legend on the smooth n silky soulful sawyer "Seasons Change". More quality mid beat biz turns up via the solid "Questions". The harder hitting grooves of the droning bass driven keyboards on the cuts "Sexy American Girls" and "Ass Hypnotic" shows another strong edge to this talented group. "Baby Feel Me" returns to that quality R&B slow jam groove that has really made JE what they are. The catchy, soulful, melodic "Who U Wit" is another high light. To finish off this set we have breath taking "I Aint Here For This" more classic JE arse shaking biz. If you haven't got a Jagged album in your collection make sure you add it to your news resolution list, because everyone needs a Jagged album in his or her collection. Trust me once you are bitten you will be forever smitten and probably go and by the back catalogue albums to. Underrated make no mistake, talented you had better believe it, they are the R&B worlds greatest kept secret.



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