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Jacob Golden
Revenge Songs
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Jacob Golden Revenge Songs Album

Jacob Golden is neither your typical pop act nor your usual run of the mill singer-songwriter. He looks at things differently to like of you, and me and goes by his business (song writing) in well a different dimension really. Jacob Golden captures the beauty of an acoustic guitar and mixes it with some perfect harmonies. He reminds people that an acoustic guitar is not boring unlike so many that have tried before him, this guys looks set to succeed. The man of many talents also produced this record so really it is all about Jacob.

Revenge Songs the debut album from Jacob Golden is fully loaded with hard hitting heartfelt songs that will be pulling at your heartstrings that has already been described as the perfect break-up record.

Out Come The Wolves is a timeless piece that if it were a film, would have you on the edge of your seat waiting fixated to find out what happens next. Then on the flip side is, Pretend reaches into the pit of your stomach and sounds like there are some George Harrison influences used on this. Lets face it not a bad thing, maybe a bit weird but not bad and that is what makes this bloke stand out.

I'm Your Man seems so simple Musically, but the clever song writing to come from Jacob Golden is fabulous, yet when you really listen again and again the realisation that it is again all so simple is pure genius.

The title track, to me is the most disappointing song on the whole album. That could just be down to expectation there is an unwritten rule that states the title, opening track and first Single off any album should be strong. There is a sense that the song is trying to smash its way out of a paper bag, but the bag is too strong

Jacob seems fearless in his quest to take on the world and Shoulders displays the purity and a sense of dependency in the shape of Shoulders. Reading this you are now thinking "expand" The music is so pure it is just his vocals and a couple of backing singers mixed with.

.Just an acoustic guitar, but then the lyrics reap neediness and dependency!

It says a lot when you release your debut album and you are being compared with the likes of the magnificent Simon and Garfunkel as well as the likes of Beck. This is a record that will have no one sitting on the fence you will either love it or hate it. The beauty about this record is that even if it is not what you would call "the norm" for you, it can still lure you in and get you hooked. Jacob Golden seems to have the same song writing style as Malcolm Middleton just without the madness and sarcasm

Mark Moore

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