The first "Charlie's Angels" movie was a lightning strike of sexy, silly, butt-kicking-babe action-flick fun. But at least it made an attempt to have an intelligible plot with genuine stakes, cool twists, clever campiness and memorable characters.

Lightning does not strike twice in the sequel "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," which only bothers with a minute or two of story in each reel, as it tries to skate by on cheap wisecracks and surprise cameos (Bruce Willis! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! TV "Angel" Jaclyn Smith!) while spending the bulk of its time mired in over-produced, three-ring-circus-like, exclamation-point action scenes.

The Angels drive a military truck off the top of a Mongolian dam, and out pops a helicopter in which they escape from an army of bad guys! The Angels enter a motocross race in which bikes collide and explode during mid-air back flips! The Angels fight off two dozen punk-poser Irish gangsters at the San Pedro harbor in slow-mo/fast-mo uber-choreographed kung fu!

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