Review of West of Here EP by Jackson Analogue

Jackson Analogue
West of Here

Jackson Analogue West of Here EP

Bands hailing from the Isle of Wight are few and far between, and on listening to Jackson Analogue's debut EP, "West of Here", you'll hope it stays that way.

Their grungy take on trad-rock is technically proficient but lacks real passion, opener "Out of Reach" is particularly guilty of this, its Queens of the Stone Age aping riff-rock inspiring little more than a yawn. Last track "Moody Man Left" shows some potential initially with it's acoustic/electric overlays, but meanders to such an extent that it drifts over the listener without leaving a lasting impression.

The most grating problem with "West of Here" is singer Rob Holmes' inexplicable Chris Cornell style vocals, evidently nobody has told him he's from Sandown, not Seattle. This is most glaring on the ironically titled "Disco" which makes for an arresting interlude with it's gentle acoustic guitars and sweeping strings, but is let down by listless vocals and unremarkable "my girl's left me" lyrics.

It's not all doom and gloom though, there are moments of promise that shine through the murk, but they are all too infrequent. If Jackson Analogue want to sustain interest over an entire album, they'll have to find their passion and a more unique sound.

Ben Davis

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