Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan has announced upcoming movie Chinese Zodiac will be his last major action adventure.

The Kung Fu master will scale back on lead roles after the film premieres in China next month (Dec12), and he hopes to devote more time to charity work.

Chan plans to rely more on special effects technology in future big screen outings as he admits stunts have become increasingly difficult to perform as he approaches 60.

He tells Reuters, "I'm not young any more, honestly. Why (do) I have to use my own life to still do these kind of things? I will still do as much as I can. But I just don't want to risk my life to sit in a wheelchair, that's all."

However, the 58 year old is confident fans will love Chinese Zodiac, in which he plays a treasure hunter.

He adds, "I'm the director, I'm the writer, I'm the producer, I'm the action director, almost everything. This really, really is my baby. You know, I've been writing the script for seven years."