Jackie Chan has turned his Hong Kong home into a 'Batcave' because he always dreamed of having secret spaces - just like his hero Batman.

The martial arts movie star owns a three-storey, 1,860 square metre (20,000 square foot) bachelor pad in his homeland, and he has installed hidden chambers and closets in almost every room.

He says, "Every child has a dream and when I saw Batman had a secret cave, then somehow when I make money, that's my dream.

"I can drive my car in and nobody knows. There's a pool table, there's a basketball area, table tennis, a swimming pool with jet water, weight training room, meeting room. I have a huge place.

"Then, behind the mirror in the bathroom, there's a closet and behind the shoe closet, there's a living room. Beside the bed, the bed moves out and there's an underground (tunnel).

"I complete my own dream - I want to be like Superman and Batman. I'm going to have a pole that goes down into the pool."

And Chan isn't stopping there: "I wanna be like John Travolta and have a plane in my back yard."

17/06/2004 21:33