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The Things They Say: 4328947

18th August 2014

"I (want to be) against all the Expendable guys - but as a good-bad guy. I'm a good guy at the end. If I go against them, I stand out. Otherwise I'm (part of) the...

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Jackie Chan Blasts Violence In Movies

18th August 2014

Jackie Chan doesn't want violence or ''dirty comedy'' in his movies.The 'Around the World in 80 Days' actor considers the films he directs to be like his children, and he has a very strict set...

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The Things They Say: 4327120

16th August 2014

"Sly wants me for Expendables 4... They already asked me to be in two and three, but I refused. Well, I didn't refuse, but I said, 'Sly, can't we just do you and me? Not...

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Jackie Chan Saddened By Robin Williams' Death

12th August 2014

Jackie Chan says the death of Robin Williams is like losing his ''best friend''.Chan never got the opportunity to work with Williams, but was a huge fan of the 'Good Will Hunting' star and...

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Jackie Chan Curating Action Week At Shanghai Film Festival

18th June 2014

Movie icon Jackie Chan will celebrate action blockbusters during a week-long event at next year's (15) Shanghai International Film Festival in China.Officials at the annual event have teamed up with the Rush Hour legend to...

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John Cusack And Adrien Brody For Dragon Blade

16th June 2014

John Cusack and Adrien Brody are to star in 'Dragon Blade'.The actors have signed on to star as Roman soldiers lost in ancient times alongside action star Jackie Chan in the upcoming historical epic, according...

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Jaden Smith To Play Cross-dressing Slave

16th April 2014

Jaden Smith will play a dress-wearing slave in a new movie.The 15-year-old actor - who is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - has signed up to star in 'The Good Lord...

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Breck Eisner To Direct Karate Kid 2?

8th April 2014

Breck Eisner has been confirmed as director for 'Karate Kid 2'.Sony Pictures has negotiated a deal with the filmmaker to helm the follow-up to the popular martial arts action movie which will see Jaden Smith...

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Jackie Chan To Mark 60th Birthday With Charity Concert

3rd April 2014

Action movie legend Jackie Chan will mark his 60th birthday by hosting a charity concert in China on Sunday (06Apr14).The Rush Hour star, who reaches the milestone on Monday (07Apr14), will dedicate the gig to...

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Jackie Chan Managing New K-pop Band

11th March 2014

Martial arts star Jackie Chan has added music manager to his impressive resume after taking charge of K-pop boy band Jjcc's career.The Rush Hour actor, who has also achieved chart success as a singer in...

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Jackie Chan Makes Plea For Less Censorship

7th March 2014

Actor Jackie Chan has petitioned Chinese government officials to end the era of heavy censorship in his homeland.The Rush Hour star joined director Feng Xiaogang to make a plea on behalf of the parliament advisory...

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Jackie Chan Calls For Boycott Against Rhino Horn Products

22nd February 2014

Martial arts star Jackie Chan is urging fans to boycott products made from rhino horns to stop their senseless slaughter in a new public service announcement (Psa).The Rush Hour actor has filmed a video for...

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Jackie Chan Confuses Princes

14th February 2014

Jackie Chan mistook Prince William for Prince Harry when he met him. The Hong Kong born action movie legend greeted the third in line to the English throne at a reception following the Illegal Wildlife...

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Chinese Superstars Remember Run Run Shaw

8th January 2014

Chinese movie stars Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat have paid tribute to Hong Kong movie mogul Run Run Shaw following his death on Tuesday (07Jan14).The film pioneer, who co-founded one of Asia's largest film...

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Jackie Chan Sweeps Chinese Film Market

2nd January 2014

Jackie Chan's new movie Police Story 2013 has topped the year-end box office in China, the world's second biggest film market.The action film scored a $45 million (Gbp30 million) take during the past week, unseating...

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Katy Perry Appointed Goodwill Ambassador For Unicef

By Joe Wilde | 4th December 2013

Katy Perry wants to use her fame and fortune for good and plans on doing so with her new role as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador. On Tuesday, 3 December, Perry joined the ranks of David...

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The Things They Say: 3926127

28th October 2013

"I want to. Please, all the directors, James Cameron, hire me... Blue background with all the wire, flying around, that’s more easy. But all the directors, they think about me: 'Ok, Rush Hour 4 and...

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Jackie Chan's 'Chinese Zodiac' Could Be His Last Ever Action Movie Role!

By Nick Hill | 20th October 2013

Jackie Chan's career has been defined by performing some of cinematic's most visually spectacular stunts, but is time ticking for the mixed martial artist who turns 60 next year?Chan wrote, directed, co-produced and starred in...

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Jackie Chan Supports Illegal Wildlife Trade Documentary

18th October 2013

Actor Jackie Chan is helping to campaign against ivory hunting by throwing his support behind a documentary examining the slaying of elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns.Gambling on Extinction, a Canadian and German...

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Jackie Chan To Open Theme Park In China

18th September 2013

Action superstar Jackie Chan is planning to build a theme park in China.The Karate Kid actor is working on the project, which is set to be located in Beijing's Yizhuang district, with a local partner....

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What's Sylvester Stallone's Beef With Bruce Willis?

8th August 2013

Sylvester Stallone branded Bruce Willis ''greedy'' and ''lazy''. Stallone, 67, - who stars alongside Willis, 58, in the first two 'Expendables' films - was delighted the 'Die Hard' star had been replaced by...

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Bruce Willis "Lazy" And "Greedy", Replaced By Harrison Ford In 'Expendables 3', Sylvester Stallone Tweets

By Elinor Cosgrave | 8th August 2013

Sylvester Stallone announced via Twitter that Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford would feature in Expendables 3. The Rocky actor criticised Bruce Willis, describing him as "lazy" and "greedy" following his decision to leave the film...

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Jackie Chan Hoax Proved False Via Facebook Picture

By Elinor Cosgrave | 26th June 2013

A hoax circulated last week claiming actor and martial arts master Jackie Chan had died. Last week Chan calmed worried fans by posting a picture of himself with the day's date (June 21st 2013) displayed...

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Paul Feig: Bullock And Mccarthy Are Top Comedy Duo

14th June 2013

'The Heat' director Paul Feig thinks Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy could be Hollywood's next great comedy duo.The filmmaker was extremely pleased with the chemistry between the two lead stars of his new female buddy...

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Jackie Chan Plots Musical About His Life

12th June 2013

Jackie Chan is writing a musical based on his life.The legendary martial arts actor has confirmed he is adapting his 1998 autobiography 'I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action' into a stage musical, which...

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Jackie Chan Working On Musical Of His Life

12th June 2013

Martial arts legend Jackie Chan is adapting his best-selling memoir for the stage.The Rush Hour star is working on a musical version of his 1998 autobiography I Am Jackie Chan: My Life In Action, which...

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Set In Stone: Jackie Chan's Stardom Is Cemented In Hollywood History

By Lauren James | 7th June 2013

59 year-old Jackie Chan, who made a name for himself by performing his own stunts throughout his illustrious martial arts career, has left second imprints of his hands and feet outside Hollywood's Chinese Theatre after...

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Jackie Chan Leaves His Mark In Hollywood - Again

7th June 2013

Action star Jackie Chan made Hollywood history on Thursday (06Jun13) by becoming the first person to leave two sets of hand prints at the historic Chinese Theatre.The Kung Fu king's Rush Hour co-star Chris Tucker...

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Ethan Hawke Wants 'Crazy Fight Movie' Role

5th June 2013

Ethan Hawke wants to do a ''crazy fight movie''.The 'Sinister' actor got to dabble in violent sequences for his new horror film 'The Purge', but admits he would love to star in a big martial...

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Sylvester Stallone Announces Expendables 3 And Great Escape 2 (Sort Of)

By Michael West | 4th June 2013

It's shaping up to be a pretty hectic 18 months or so for Sylvester Stallone, who will star in two big-budget movies for Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment, Escape Plan and The Expendables 3. The former...

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