He’s more than happy to beat up on one of the Von Bondies (yeah, we struggle to remember who they were as well), but when it comes to a verbal joust with Lady GaGa, former White Stripes-man Jack White wants no part of it.

It’s worth point out that this great ‘duel’ appears to be entirely one sided, with White making and then retracting comments before Gaga’s probably even registered he’s made them. Why would she? She’s probably too busy fashioning a dress out of a unicorn’s skin right now. Or something. As has been widely reported, White made comments in the latest issue of Esquire magazine about Gaga, accusing the star of being all substance and no meaning, suggesting that her music had no longevity.

Well, he’s not so sure about that anymore, having issued a statement relating to the comments, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I never said anything about her music, or questioned the authenticity of her songs in any way” he simpered, “I was in a conversation about the drawbacks of image for the sake of image, and that it is popular nowadays to not question an image in front of you, but only to label it as “cool” or “weird” quickly and dispose of it.”

Continuing, he added: “I don’t like my comments about Lady Gaga’s presentation being changed into some sort of negative critique of her music. If you’re going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right. I think journalists should also be held accountable for what they say.” He signed off by saying “Peace to Lady Gaga and I fully congratulate and compliment her on her championing of gay rights issues and the momentum it’s given to help create change” thus ending the worst celebrity beef of the year.