Jack White came in well ahead of schedule in his plan to record the world's fastest music release. According to the singer and guitarist's Third Man Records, White managed to record, press, assemble and sell a batch of 7" records for Record Store Day. It took him just 3:55:21.

Jack WhiteJack White Is A World Record Holder

Announcing his record-breaking plan earlier this month, the former White Stripes man said that 'Lazaretto' would be "the world's fastest released record . . . in the history of mankind." He took to the Blue Room at Third Man's recording studios in Nashville at 10am on Saturday morning, accompanies by a band including Fats Kaplin and Daru Jones and recorded two tracks. The first was "Lazaretto" - the title track from his forthcoming album, and the B-Side was a cover of Elvis Presley's "Power of My Love".

The tracks were cut directly to acetate and mastered speedily in the Blue Room. The sleeve was taken during the performance.

"Originally, we were just gonna do this record and go back to sleep," White told the assembled crowd after a live video screen showed the acetate taken off its machine, according to The Tennessean. 

By recording, pressing and releasing the album in less than four hours, Jack White broke the Guinness World Record set by Swiss polka trio Vollgas Kompanie. The band issued their album Live on August 16th, 2008, the day after they recorded it.

Jack White's new studio album Lazaretto hits shelves on June 10, 2014. 

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