In a story bizarre even by Jack White standards, the singer and his management company have been accused of blacklisting the University of Oklahoma from future tours, after they published the singer’s contract online. White had played a concert at the university on February the 2nd and reportedly called out the student newspaper for leaking his demands.

Jack WhiteJack White, banana hater, guac lover

Among the items on White’s contract was his $80,000 fee and a rider which included very specific instructions on how to prepare guacamole.

The rider also stated there were to be no bananas anywhere in the building and added that the singer’s post-show meal of should be a “New York strip steak, cooked medium, with steamed vegetables on the side and no sauce.”

The Oklahoma Daily newspaper reported that Campus Activities Council chairperson Layne Ferguson said the university had been blacklisted from any future performances by White, as well as other members of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, including Alicia Keys, All Time Low, Selena Gomez, and Pharrell Williams.

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But White’s management have since refuted the claims releasing a statement on the singer’s website which reads, “Jack White would love to thank all the concert attendees at his performance at the University of Oklahoma. The crowd was incredible and Mr. White played an extensive two and a half hour show for them. The students who helped organise the event were wonderful.”

“Playing in, and for, the people of Oklahoma is one of Jack White’s favourite tour stops. At no time did Jack White or White’s management say that we would never play there again, that is untrue.”

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“The incidents with the OU Daily student newspaper reporting the financial terms of the show, the private tour rider information, along with unsolicited photographers from their staff were unfortunate, unprofessional, and very unwelcoming.”

But moving on to the guac scandal White’s management wrote, “Jack doesn’t write the rider nor make demands about his favourite snacks that must be in his dressing room. We’re not even sure he likes guacamole but we do know that the folks who work hard to put on the show do enjoy it.”

So there you go, we still don’t know if Jack White really does like guacamole, however we’re assuming that he does actually hate bananas.