Jack White already has enough material for a follow-up to 'Blunderbuss'.

The former White Stripes man still has 12 as-yet-unfinished songs that didn't make it on to his debut solo offering and is already considering its follow up.

He told BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe: ''We had enough for an album at one point, but I just kept going. I've got another 12 songs that I haven't finished yet.''

Jack is planning to play tracks from across his career and various bands when he performs live, but they may not be in the form fans expect.

He said: ''There's songs that White Stripes never really played live, or Raconteurs never really got that into, or songs that I brought to the table in a band - songs like'I Cut Like a Buffalo' - and now I can elaborate on them.''

Additionally, Jack revealed he refuses to draw up a set list before shows and his backing musicians include one all-male and one all-female band because he doesn't want to ''bore people''.

He explained: ''The easy thing to do would be to go and find four or five guys to play in just like the record and stand behind me. I just didn't want to bore myself to death and bore people with that jazz and it just to just be some nostalgia thing.

''If we're going to play a Dead Weather track, a Raconteurs track or a White Stripes song or whatever it is, it needs to be alive in the moment. It has to be something new to everybody on stage, it can't be some recreation of something from years ago. I don't wanna waste my time doing that.''