Jennifer Garner's chameleonic acting abilities have given veracity and weight to the outlandish goings-on in "Alias," the espionage drama that made her a hot commodity. In the C-grade, three-ring superhero circus of "Daredevil," she acted circles around Ben Affleck and added surprising emotional weight to her kung-fu butt-kicking performance. In just one scene as a come-hither high-priced hooker playing hard to get in "Catch Me If You Can," Garner made herself as memorable as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

And now in "13 Going On 30," Garner follows Hanks' career template, proving herself a potential superstar in a magnetically ingenuous performance as Jenna Rink, a frustrated late-'80s 'tweenager who makes a careless wish around some "wishing dust" and wakes up 17 years later in the va-va-voom body and the chaotic career-girl life of herself at age 29.

Yes, it's basically "Big" with boobs (a physical attribute that has pubescent-on-the-inside Jenna Rink just tickled pink) -- and like its opposite-sex predecessor, this movie is fueled by the irresistible exuberance of its star's inner child.

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