Jack Osbourne is grateful to have found love with his wife Lisa Stelly before his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, because he is convinced he would have spiralled into a deep depression if he had been single.

The reality Tv star received the news of his condition last year (12), just weeks after becoming a first-time father to baby daughter Pearl, but he is refusing to let his illness get him down.

He tells Us Weekly magazine, "Every day is an adventure. For Lisa and me, it's been a lifetime of stuff in two years. We met, she got pregnant, I got Ms, we got married... I didn't have time to dwell on getting sick.

"I don't know how I would have been able to cope if it had been 18 months earlier, when it was literally just me and my dogs. I would've been like, 'All is lost'. So, sometimes bad things have to happen at the right time!"

Osbourne has decided not to share his every little Ms struggle with his parents Ozzy and Sharon to save them from worrying unnecessarily, even though he can understand their concern now that he's a dad, too.

He says, "They're supportive, but I've learned not to really tell them what's going on because they worry so much. I asked my mum why (she worries) and she's like, 'Imagine if something happened to Pearl!' Then I understood. My dad's got a neurological issue himself, and at one point they thought he had Ms."

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was diagnosed with a mild form of Parkinson's disease, called Parkin, in 2005.