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Osbourne Hails His Addiction

26th September 2005

Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE credits drug addiction with turning his life around - because it taught him the value of life. Osbourne, son of BLACK SABBATH wildman OZZY, checked into a rehabilitation centre...

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The Things They Say 277

25th September 2005

"She's never had any really cute friends. She tends to hang out with a lot of un-showered indie-rock chicks, so I wouldn't be interested." Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE was never desperate enough to date...

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Jack Osbourne: 'Mum Sharon Has The X Factor'

23rd September 2005

JACK OSBOURNE is convinced hit British TV talent contest THE X FACTOR is a success because his mother SHARON is one of the judges on the show. Osbourne believes the UK public have grown...

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Osbourne Hits Out At Plastic Surgery As 'Vain'

24th August 2005

JACK OSBOURNE has rubbished reports he underwent liposuction to achieve his toned new look, because only vain people resort to plastic surgery. The reality TV star recently shed 32 kilograms (70 pounds) thanks...

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Osbourne Fools Cowell On X Factor

24th August 2005

JACK OSBOURNE fooled SIMON COWELL into believing he was a white rapper - after auditioning for the current series of British TV talent show X FACTOR. The 19-year-old adopted his hip-hop alter-ego after...

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Jack Osbourne: 'My Parents Didn't Recognise Me'

17th August 2005

JACK OSBOURNE knew his weight loss had significantly changed his appearance for the better when his own parents didn't recognise him. The formerly chubby son of BLACK SABBATH rocker OZZY and his wife SHARON...

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Osbourne Prepares For Big Climb

22nd July 2005

JACK OSBOURNE is so thrilled with his newfound fitness, he's preparing to climb a 3,593-foot (1,095 metre) monolith. The 19-year-old son of rocker OZZY OSBOURNE, who has lost more than 14 kilograms (30 pounds)...

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Osbourne Considers Scrapping Book

28th June 2005

Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE is considering axing his planned autobiography, because he can't remember much about his short life. Despite being only 19, the wildchild son of rock veteran OZZY OSBOURNE, has been...

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Osbourne Home Realtor Refuses To Name-drop

9th June 2005

Top Hollywood realtor JOE BABAJIAN is refusing to cash in on THE OSBOURNES' reality TV success as he attempts to sell the first family of rock's Beverly Hills home - because he fears name-dropping will...

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Hatcher And Usher Win Glammys

8th June 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER was the big winner at British magazine GLAMOUR's WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS in London on Tuesday night (07JUN05). The 40-year-old beauty was given the Editor's Special Award for...

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Kimberly Reveals All About Breast Implants

20th May 2005

ROD STEWART's wildchild daughter KIMBERLY has come clean about her secret breast enhancement after pal JACK OSBOURNE went public about her implants. The model and US TV presenter, 25, was initially livid when Osbourne...

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Moore Teased Over Tattooed Toe

13th April 2005

Actress MANDY MOORE's one wild concession is having a tattoo on her toe, but she is constantly teased about how tiny and inconsequential it is. The former teen star, who stars alongside KATE WINSLET...

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Osbourne Accuses Airport Security Of Stealing Gems

28th February 2005

LATEST: JACK OSBOURNE fears security staff at Los Angeles' LAX Airport stole watches and jewellery from his suitcase. The reality TV star and son of rocker OZZY OSBOURNE claims $400,000 (GBP210,500) of designer watches...

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Osbourne Wishes He Could Have Stopped Burglary

11th February 2005

JACK OSBOURNE wishes he had been staying at his parent's English country mansion when they were burgled last year (NOV04) - his insomnia could have stopped the intruders. SHARON and husband OZZY were sleeping...

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Valderrama Hosts Latin-themed Bash

8th February 2005

THAT '70S SHOW star WILMER VALDERRAMA returned to his roots for his 25th birthday, when he threw a huge Latin-themed party in Hollywood. The actor, whose family hails from Venezuela, hosted the bash at...

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Osbourne Favours One-night Stands Over Relationships

6th February 2005

JACK OSBOURNE favours one-night stands over a serious relationship because he has a "problem" with commitment. The 19-year-old son of OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE insists his celebrity status guarantees he can sleep with...

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Osbourne To Become A Firefighter

6th February 2005

Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE is giving up showbiz to become a firefighter in New York. OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE's youngest child is fed-up with the selfish attitude prevalent in the entertainment industry and...

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Osbourne Owes Sobriety To Climbing

16th January 2005

JACK OSBOURNE credits his dangerous rock climbing hobby with saving him from a life of alcohol abuse and partying. The son of OZZY OSBOURNE was forced into a rehabilitation centre in 2003 to battle...

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Jack Osbourne Slams Cowell

16th December 2004

JACK OSBOURNE has launched a scathing attack on British music mogul SIMON COWELL, labelling the AMERICAN IDOL judge "a slimeball". The 19-year-old reality TV star still hasn't forgiven Cowell for accusing his father OZZY's...

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Jack Osbourne Furious About Parents' Flasher

28th October 2004

Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE is furious security allowed a streaker to leap onto the stage while his parents SHARON and OZZY presented a gong at Tuesday's (26OCT04) NATIONAL TELEVISION AWARDS. The 18-year-old complains...

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Stewart's Daughter Gives Osbourne Her Implants

8th October 2004

Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE received an unusual gift from ROD STEWART's daughter KIMBERLEY - her old breast implants. The OSBOURNES star begged Kimberley to give him her silicone implants, when she had them...

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Spears Celebrates Married Life With A Pole Dance

21st September 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS stunned revellers at a Hollywood hotspot on Saturday night (18SEP04) when she took to the club's pole to dance as MRS KEVIN FEDERLINE. Spears and her new husband hit CLUB DUBLIN'S XXES...

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Sharon Osbourne: Jack Hates My Career

24th August 2004

Rock offspring JACK OSBOURNE hates sharing his mother SHARON with the rest of the world. Sharon, 51, admits her burgeoning solo career - on America's THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW and British TV talent programme...

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Osbourne Never Felt Close To Mother

24th August 2004

SHARON OSBOURNE's bond with her mother was so weak she wasn't upset when she died five years ago. THE OSBOURNES reality TV star, 51, is close to her three children but always felt alienated...

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Olsen Twins Miss London Premiere

27th July 2004

Teen stars MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN have pulled out of the British premiere of their new movie NEW YORK MINUTE. Mary-Kate, who was released from a health facility on Friday (23JUL04) after undergoing treatment...

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Stewart Blamed For Son's 'F**Ked Up' Lifestyle

15th July 2004

Veteran rocker ROD STEWART's son SEAN STEWART has blamed his "f**ked up" lifestyle on his father's busy schedule and wild friends. The 23-year-old identifies with troubled celebrity offspring like KELLY and JACK OSBOURNE, explaining...

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Osbourne Slams England

30th June 2004

Reality TV star JACK OSBOURNE has grumpily branded England "boring" and can't wait to return to America. The 18-year-old, who is British himself, complains his charity appearance at London's OLYMPIC torch celebrations last Saturday...

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The Darkness Lit Up By Stars

19th April 2004

British rock gods THE DARKNESS were joined by a host of big names as they finished their American tour in spectacular fashion last night (18APR04). The I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE hitmakers...

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Sharon Attacks Courtney For Radio Slur

25th March 2004

SHARON OSBOURNE has launched a new attack on COURTNEY LOVE after the raucous rocker suggested her son JACK OSBOURNE's drug problems were sparked by his dad OZZY. Love appeared on HOWARD STERN's radio show...

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Jack Osbourne: Ozzy's Pals Got Me Drunk

26th February 2004

Rock offspring JACK OSBOURNE used to be given alcohol by dad OZZY's rock star pals as a young teenager - because they found it funny to see a child drunk. The reality TV star,...

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