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Mccartney Shuns Mills Charity Event

16th July 2006

Former BEATLE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is refusing to perform at a charity gala because of its links to his estranged wife HEATHER MILLS. MCCartney was due to reprise his role at the Adopt-A-Minefield annual gala...

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Nicholson Pole Danced In London

13th July 2006

Hollywood legend JACK NICHOLSON is still a party animal at the age of 69 - he pole danced during a recent trip to London. British strip club impresario PETER STRINGFELLOW had to drag the Oscar...

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Fascinating Fact 1720

4th July 2006

JACK NICHOLSON's teenage daughter LORRAINE plays comedian ADAM SANDLER's daughter in the hit movie CLICK.

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Huston Still Attracted To Nicholson

1st July 2006

ANJELICA HUSTON confesses she still has a soft spot for former lover JACK NICHOLSON, seventeen years after they split. Huston called time on their seventeen year relationship in 1989 when Nicholson's infidelity became too much...

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Jolie Portrait Artist Sworn To Secrecy

21st June 2006

The world will never see the nude portraits ANGELINA JOLIE posed for while pregnant with baby SHILOH NOUVEL - because the artist who created them has promised never to even talk about the project. DON...

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Fascinating Fact 1653

17th June 2006

JACK NICHOLSON has recorded a special Father's Day (18JUN06) message for US troops overseas. Absent dads will get a special phone call with the movie great's voice on the other end of the line.

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Bettany's Joker Fears

4th May 2006

PAUL BETTANY fears he may be forced to play THE JOKER in the next BATMAN movie for free, because of the rumours incorrectly linking him to the part. Bettany is among a number of big...

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Weaver And Basinger Top Gross Scenes Poll

14th April 2006

SIGOURNEY WEAVER's 'brief encounter' in ALIEN and KIM BASINGER's 9 1/2 WEEKS staircase sex scene have topped a new internet poll of unnecessary movie nudity. The actress' saucy scenes join ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's naked time travelling...

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King Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

7th April 2006

Legendary record producer LOU ADLER has been recognised for his contribution to the music industry with a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame. The 72-year-old Grammy Award-winner, who launched the careers of CAROLE KING, THE...

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Bates And Bradshaw Sizzle Off-screen

3rd April 2006

MISERY star KATHY BATES and her latest co-star TERRY BRADSHAW had such sizzling chemistry onscreen, people began to mistake them for a couple in real-life. The Oscar-winning actress has worked with legendary performers such as...

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Slater Thanks Mom For Theatre Role

31st March 2006

CHRISTIAN SLATER was too scared to take on JACK NICHOLSON's former role in the British stage production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST - until his mother told him to "get off his a*s"....

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Fascinating Fact 1294

29th March 2006

HEATH LEDGER and JACK NICHOLSON were among the guests attending PRINCE's super secret concert at Hollywood's Roosevelt hotel at the weekend (25MAR06).

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Nicholson Advises Keaton To Get Sexy

13th March 2006

JACK NICHOLSON has advised admirer DIANE KEATON to be more sexually adventurous if she is to be in with a chance of winning his heart. The ANNIE HALL actress revealed her feelings for her SOMETHING'S...

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Sports Star Bradshaw Upsets Parents Over Nude Movie Scene

10th March 2006

American football great TERRY BRADSHAW has upset his elderly parents after baring all in new movie FAILURE TO LAUNCH. The former Pittsburgh Steelers superstar plays MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY's father in the romantic comedy, and didn't tell...

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Burton Forced To Go Horseriding With Joker Jack

6th March 2006

Quirky movie-maker TIM BURTON had to take a crash course in horseriding to secure JACK NICHOLSON as THE JOKER in BATMAN after the actor suggested he take a canter with him. Burton had never ridden...

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Knightley Disappointed By Nicholson Snub

6th March 2006

Oscar-nominee KEIRA KNIGHTLEY was devastated she didn't turn JACK NICHOLSON's head at the Academy Awards, despite her glamorous VERA WANG dress and newly dyed strawberry blonde locks. Nicholson, famed for his womanising ways, sat next...

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Photographer Fracas At Penn Funeral

5th February 2006

SEAN PENN and his ALL THE KING'S MEN co-star MARK RUFFALO were reportedly involved in a fracas with a photographer at the funeral of the Oscar-winner's brother CHRIS PENN on Saturday (04FEB06). Sean, 45,...

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Penn Goes Wild

3rd February 2006

Actor SEAN PENN is heading to the wilds of Alaska to direct a biopic about real-life adventurer CHRISTOPHER McCANDLESS. The Oscar winner, who previously directed JACK NICHOLSON in THE PLEDGE, has cast LORDS OF...

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Brody Plans A Creepy Joker

10th January 2006

ADRIEN BRODY has put his name forward to play THE JOKER in the next BATMAN film - making him the latest in a long list of actors linked to the coveted role. The Oscar-winning...

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Latifah's New Film Is A Love Story To Czech Hotel

9th January 2006

The owners of the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, are hoping QUEEN LATIFAH's new movie will bring tourists flocking after the historic hotel features heavily in the film. Latifah's character lives it...

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Nicholson's Reported Lovechild Speaks Out

6th January 2006

Movie star JACK NICHOLSON has a secret Danish lovechild who is speaking out about her Hollywood lineage after keeping the movie star's reported secret for 24 years. Pretty HONEY HOLLMAN claims she's the product...

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Scorsese To Quit Hollywood

15th November 2005

Director MARTIN SCORSESE has quit making Hollywood blockbusters so he can concentrate on documentaries and short films. After big budget hits GANGS OF NEW YORK and THE AVIATOR, the 63-year-old wants to slow down...

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Nicholson Tries To Lighten Children's Loads

29th October 2005

JACK NICHOLSON is in the process of trying to figure out how to lighten his youngest children's backpacks, because he's disgusted with the weight of the books they carry to school. The veteran actor...

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Batman To Return As The Joker?

13th October 2005

Original movie BATMAN MICHAEL KEATON is being considered for a return to the franchise - as THE JOKER. The movie star is in negotiations for the role, which JACK NICHOLSON played opposite him in...

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Fascinating Fact 343

11th October 2005

JACK NICHOLSON hosted the inaugural JACK NICHOLSON/RUDY DURAN Celebrity Golf Classic in California at the weekend (09OCT05). The movie legend's star pals like DENNIS HOPPER and DON CHEADLE joined him on the links and helped...

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Fascinating Fact 293

3rd October 2005

SHIRLEY MacLAINE and JACK NICHOLSON's "big, sappy movie" TERMS OF ENDEARMENT makes GEORGE CLOONEY cry whenever he watches it....

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Nicholson Rejected By Friel

30th September 2005

Hollywood lothario JACK NICHOLSON was left red-faced after trying to woo British actress ANNA FRIEL - the fiesty redhead told him he was old enough to be her grandfather. Nicholson, 68, first saw the...

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Boyle Finds Love In Las Vegas

28th September 2005

Actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE has found love on the set of her new TV show LAS VEGAS. The former girlfriend of JACK NICHOLSON has fallen for co-star JAMES LESURE (corr). A set insider...

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Death Scene Kept Pacino In The Godfather

24th September 2005

AL PACINO is convinced that were it not for one pivotal scene in THE GODFATHER, he would have been fired. The movie great admits he was at his most insecure making the 1972 classic...

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Hulme And Bettany Lead Joker Race

20th September 2005

LATEST: THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS star LACHY HULME and PAUL BETTANY have beaten off competition to head the list of actors in the running to play BATMAN's arch enemy THE JOKER in the sequel to prequel...

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