Review of Good People Single by Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson - Good People - Single Review

Jack Johnson - Good People - Single Review
Jack Johnson

Good People

Jack’s new record, In Between Dreams, was released internationally on March 1st. The new single “Good People” is a belter! I love this song; it’s just one of those where you find yourself singing along to it.

Some of Jack’s influences are The Beatles and Radiohead – this is not hard to see because his music is phenomenal, just like these two bands! His guitar skills are wicked and his voice is so smooth and in sync with everything he does. The chorus is like an anthem – I can imagine every audience singing along, swaying their arms…

It’s like the sound of the summer is this song! It’s just a really good tune, to chill to, or to sing out loud.

The album was recorded in Hawaii, alright for some!

The track seems to be about how there are no good people left in the world, that everybody seems to lose touch with each other. I really like this song, to me he sounds a little like Beck mixed with Phantom Planet – the guys who sing the OC theme tune!

As well as being a singer, Mr Johnson is also known for making his surf movies! In his time, he’s made 3 films showcasing his skills on the waves! There are also soundtracks to each film so he’s not just a pretty face!!!

Ahead of Jack is a massive tour of America, so be sure to check him out!

Candice Finney