Review of Better Together Single by Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
Better Together
Single Review

Jack Johnson Better Together Single

Despite not having had chart success with his singles, Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams" record has been in the UK's top ten albums and continues to sell – all the more amazing when you consider that the man's first love was surfing. It was after a near-fatal accident that he turned to music, but not before having tried his hand at directing and photography first.

The opening track from "In Between Dreams", "Better Together" is a gorgeous acoustic song that you could easily imagine being played around a campfire. The simplicity of the guitar moving up and down scales allows Johnson's silky-smooth voice to gently in-bed itself into your mind, while the delicate touches of piano add to the relaxing atmosphere. Before you know it, you'll be humming along and picturing yourself riding gentle waves in the warm Indian Ocean. Splendid stuff.

Alex Lai

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