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Steffans Fuels Bobby Brown Infidelity Rumours

31st August 2006

The woman held responsible for the alleged breakdown of WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN's marriage has fanned rumours she had an affair with the MY PREROGATIVE singer. KARRINE STEFFANS, who has previously claimed romances with...

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Ja Rule Embroiled In Legal Action Over Korean No-show

14th August 2006

US rapper JA RULE is being sued for $500,000 (GBP280,000) by Korean fans and promoters after he failed to perform a concert in the south east Asian country in March (06). The WONDERFUL star -...

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Ja Rule To Headline African Shows

24th July 2006

American rapper JA RULE is flying out to Africa later this week (begs24JUL06) to headline two rare hip-hop concerts on the continent. On Friday (28JUL06), Ja Rule - real name JEFFERY ATKINS - will play...

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Us Supreme Court Rejects Hip-hop Appeal

26th June 2006

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear a case involving a contract dispute between recording companies over a hip-hop album by JA RULE and other rappers. Earlier today (26JUN06) lawyers for TVT Records and...

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Ja Rule Denies Slapping Claims

16th May 2006

Rapper JA RULE has hit back at claims a member of his entourage slapped a woman in the face at a New York City nightclub last week (11MAY06). The rapper, real name JEFFERY ATKINS, and...

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Ja Rule And Campbell Join Combs' Cooking Show

24th March 2006

Rapper JA RULE and supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL have signed on for SEAN COMBS new TV series COOKING SHOWDOWN. The show will pair superstar chefs with celebrities in a week-long cooking competition. Also signing up for...

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Kim's Famous Friends Blast Tell-all Associates

12th March 2006

Rapper LIL' KIM's famous friends are using a new documentary to slam those who helped jail the rapper for perjury and conspiracy. JA RULE and FREDDY FOXX are among those offering their support to the...

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Mcgriff Charged With Second Murder

31st January 2006

Murder Inc record label associate KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF has been charged with the slaying of a New York City drug dealer. The notorious narcotics lord will face charges for executing rival drugs peddler TROY...

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Ashanti, Ja Rule And Gotti Unstoppable

27th January 2006

R+B star ASHANTI insists her new album hasn't been adversely affected by her mentor IRV GOTTI's recent legal troubles. The UNFOOLISH singer, who is currently working on her third disc with music mogul Gotti...

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Blige: 'East Coast Rap Is Better'

16th January 2006

Soul queen MARY J BLIGE has courted rap controversy by declaring US east coast hip-hop is the best. The FAMILY AFFAIR singer, who was raised in Brooklyn, New York City, prefers to shun west...

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Rap Writer Plans Jackie Collins Career

3rd January 2006

A former rap video star who exposed the seedy details of her celebrity lovers' lives in an explosive book is now planning to become the black JACKIE COLLINS. Sexy KARRINE STEFFANS stunned the rap...

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Gotti Innocent

3rd December 2005

LATEST: Rap mogul IRV GOTTI and his brother CHRISTOPHER LORENZO were sensationally cleared of laundering money for New York City drug dealer KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF yesterday (02DEC05). The Murder Inc Records heads were accused...

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Judge Rules 50 Shooting Is Irrelevant In Gotti Trial

24th November 2005

LATEST: A New York judge has ruled that a shooting incident involving 50 CENT has no relevance in rap mogul IRV GOTTI's money laundering trial. Prosecutors attempted to include the details, claiming Gotti's convict...

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50 Cent Embroiled In Gotti Trial

23rd November 2005

LATEST: The judge in the trial of rap moguls IRV and CHRIS LORENZO has heard how hip-hop star 50 CENT fended off bullets with his bare hands after allegedly being shot at by a gunman...

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Gotti Lawyer Inspired By Oj Simpson Trial

18th November 2005

LATEST: Hip-hop moguls IRV and CHRIS LORENZO's lawyer used a ploy from the OJ SIMPSON trial yesterday (17NOV05) to discredit a key witness's allegation that a crack dealer delivered a $70,000 (GBP39,000)-stuffed shoebox to the...

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Teenager Lands The Stars At Her Bat Mitzvah

17th November 2005

Florida teenager AMBER RIDINGER celebrated her coming-of-age Bat Mitzvah in style on Saturday (12NOV05) by inviting JA RULE, ASHANTI and OMARION to her party. The wannabe fashion designer's parents paid $500,000 (GBP277,800) to make...

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Gotti Brothers Stand Accused Of Money Laundering

17th November 2005

The trial of hip-hop moguls IRV and CHRIS LORENZO, who stand accused of laundering drug money through their Murder Inc record label, began in New York City yesterday (16NOV05). The Brooklyn courthouse heard the...

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Ashanti's Birthday Surprise

21st October 2005

R+B star ASHANTI's small birthday meal to celebrate turning 25 morphed into a huge party last week (ends14OCT05), when 500 of her closets friends arrived to surprise her. The singer's boyfriend NELLY, rap mogul...

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Ja Rule Keeps Enemy Close

29th September 2005

JA RULE is looking forward to rap rival 50 CENT's forthcoming new movie, so he can "keep an eye on the enemy". But the rapper - real name JEFFREY ATKINS - isn't expecting GET...

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Ja Rule Keeps Enemy Close

28th September 2005

JA RULE is looking forward to rap rival 50 CENT's forthcoming new movie, so he can "keep an eye on the enemy". But the rapper - real name JEFFREY ATKINS - isn't expecting GET...

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Fascinating Fact 211

19th September 2005

Rapper BOW WOW has signed on to star in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3. The car-racing movie franchise has featured rappers LUDACRIS and JA RULE in past films....

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Lil' Mo Filing Lawsuit Against Ja Rule

15th August 2005

R+B singer LIL' MO has announced plans to slap rapper JA RULE with a $15 million (GBP8.3 million) lawsuit in a battle over unpaid royalties. The singer says she's sent out letters of intent...

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Rhames Thought Twice About Acting With Andre 3000

9th August 2005

Actor VING RHAMES was hesitant about taking a role alongside ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN in the musical MY LIFE IN IDLEWIND, because his movie experiences with other rappers left him cold. According to Benjamin, Rhames,...

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Kutcher Dirties Ja Rule's Clean Suv With Fake Sewage

8th August 2005

ASHTON KUTCHER is so disgusted by people who keep their sports utility vehicles (SUV) clean, he recently sprayed JA RULE's Land Rover with fake sewage. Kutcher believes anybody who drives the large vehicles should...

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Ja Rule Linked To Club Shooting

20th July 2005

JA RULE is reportedly under federal investigation for a New York club shooting - after surveillance footage allegedly linking the rapper to the crime was seized by police. Two men were shot outside the...

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Ja Rule Show Erupts Into Violence

18th July 2005

Rapper JA RULE's return to Los Angeles was dogged by violence and security issues when he took to the stage at the House Of Blues on Friday night (15AUG05). The concert had already been...

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Fat Joe: '50 Cent Feud Is Entertainment'

8th June 2005

FAT JOE has lifted the lid on his public war of words with fellow rapper 50 CENT - he insists their feud is nothing more than "entertainment". 50 Cent recently launched a verbal assault...

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Jadakiss Admires 50 Cent's Art Of War

3rd June 2005

Rapper JADAKISS is refusing to rise to 50 CENT's album taunts, instead hailing his new rival "a marketing genius". The laid back rap star, real name JAYSON PHILLIPS, upset 50 when he teamed up...

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50 Cent: 'I Destroyed Ja Rule's Career '

30th May 2005

Hip-hop star 50 CENT has announced JA RULE's career is over - as he has proudly taken the credit for "running him out of the business". The CANDY SHOP rapper, real name CURTIS JACKSON,...

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Fat Joe Apologises To Roy Jones Jr Over Rap Lyric

6th April 2005

Rapper FAT JOE was forced to apologise to former boxing champ ROY JONES JR after the fighter took offence to the heavyweight chart star poking fun at his defeats in JA RULE's anthem NEW YORK....

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