Actress Iva Franks Singer, who has appeared in episodes of 'Clueless' and 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', is to meet her stalker in court in the Van Nuys neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California, on 15th June, 2006. According to Singer's publicist, the star has filed "numerous complaints and restraining orders over the last three years" against one Wendy Feiner. 

Fiener has already been arrested twice, and was finally called to court in May 2006 for threatening to kill Singer. Feiner is currently behind bars, with bail set at 250 thousand USD. Court documents suggest that Feiner threatened to disfigure Singer before murdering her.

When speaking on the subject, Singer stated: "A Judge allowed this monster out on the streets with no real supervision, knowing how sick and delusional she is." She continued to say: "The police have their hands tied legally in cases where the perpetrator is shrewd and has a great knowledge of legal loopholes."