Picture - It at bicycle shed Zaragoza Spain, Saturday 15th June 2013

Biceberg is an automated underground bike parking and management, which receives and returns the bicycle at street level in less than 20 seconds and which also allows storage of items necessary for the use of the bicycle such as a rucksack, safety helmet, reflective elements, etc. Biceberg is the fastest and safest system on the market for the safekeeping of bicycles, introducing an added advantage, the locker space, which allows the safe storage of the rest of the items transported, or "à la carte" personalisation of rented bicycles. Parking and retrieving bicycles is carried out via biceberg parking cards that contain a chip, which stores user information, authorisations and restrictions. The system facilitates all the management, customer service and attention to incidents tasks, guaranteeing perfect maintenance conditions and making biceberg one of the best system for the application of parking and/or bicycle rental networks and, therefore, the best system to provide individual, sustainable, ecological transport. Biceberg parks can hold 23, 46, 69 or 92 bikes. Biceberg offers: 100% guarantee against robbery of the bicycle and other equipment, speed, and ease of use. - Zaragoza, Spain - Saturday 15th June 2013

it collects bikes from the ground 3724850

More: It collects bikes from the ground and returns them to street level after storing them underground



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it collects bikes from the ground and returns them 150613
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the latest full-length trailer for disney s the lon
the latest full-length trailer for disney s the lon
the latest full-length trailer for disney s the lon
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