"Born with an ace on his palm," Bob is a career gambler living in Paris's Montmartre district, living only at night and only in the local casinos. But poor Bob (Roger Duchesne) has hit an unlucky streak, and now he's down to his last 800 francs. A smart bet at the racetrack puts him back up, but an ill-advised trip to the local craps house wipes him clean.

With his young protege Paolo (Daniel Cauchy), Bob le Flambeur (Bob the High Roller) decides to rob the nearby Deauville casino on Grand Prix night, a huge safecracking job requiring lots of knowhow, inside knowledge, and plenty of guns. But as with any heist, loose lips and second thoughts get in the way... as does Bob's legacy as a gambler. And of course, the various dames in their lives only make matters worse.

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