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Bran Stark Will Return In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Isaac Hempstead-Wright Confirms

Isaac Hempstead-Wright Kit Harington Game Of Thrones David Nutter

Bran Stark, one of the younger Stark family siblings, has not been seen on Game Of Thrones since we left him north of the Wall in season four. It wasn’t certain when he, or his younger brother Rickon, would be back in the series but we do now know Bran will be back. The actor who plays Bran, 16-year-old Isaac Hempstead-Wright has confirmed his character will be returning for season six of the hugely popular HBO series.

Bran StarkIsaac Hempstead-Wright plays Bran Stark in Game of Thrones.

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The European Premiere Of Marvel's: "Ant-Man"

Isaac Hempstead-Wright - The European Premiere of Marvel's: "Ant-Man" held at Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals at Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 8th July 2015

Isaac Hempstead-wright
Isaac Hempstead-wright

Jameson Empire Film Awards

Diarmaid Murtagh - A host of stars were snapped on the red carpet as they arrived for the Jameson Empire Film Awards 2015 which were held at Grosvenor House in London, United Kingdom - Sunday 29th March 2015

Hayley Atwell
Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan
Freddie Highmore
Jessica Chastain

Game Of Thrones - World Premiere

Melvyn Bragg - Shots of a variety of stars as they arrived to the World premiere of the fifth season of 'Game of Thrones' which was held at the Tower of London in London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 18th March 2015

The Boxtrolls Review


A triumph on a variety of levels, this staggeringly detailed stop-motion animation has a wonderfully deranged story packed with spirited characters. It also takes on some seriously important issues without ever getting heavy-handed about it. So while we're laughing at the astounding visual mayhem, there's plenty of depth to keep our brains spinning. And what the film has to say about communal paranoia is vitally important in today's world.

The story takes place a decade after a baby was kidnapped by the Boxtrolls, nighttime scavengers who prowl by night. Over the last 10 years, their legend has grown, and the people are now terrified of being eaten. So the red-hatted Snatcher (voiced by Ben Kingsley) and his sidekicks (Richard Ayoade, Nick Frost and Tracy Morgan) set a goal to exterminate the trolls in exchange for prestigious white hats, which will let them join Lord Portley-Rind (Jared Harris) for his evening cheese-tasting events. Then Portley-Rind's daughter Winnie (Elle Fanning) spots a boy among the Boxtrolls, learning that Eggs (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is actually the kidnapped baby. And that Boxtrolls aren't actually villains at all. But can she get her father to pay attention to her for even a moment, so he can understand that Snatcher is the real bad guy?

Everything on-screen is in constant motion, with cluttered scenes that are a feast for the eyes. Action sequences are complicated and layered, drawing the eye all over the screen as the stakes grow higher with each scene. The mechanical climax feels like one step too far, but the filmmakers keep the focus tightly on the characters, each of whom has a bundle of quirks and obsessions that make them flawed and likeable. Even the nefarious Snatcher has a soft side, and Kingsley has a great time bringing out each aspect of the hilariously vile character, including his scene-stealing alter ego, the fabulous drag queen Madame Frou Frou.

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Kristian Nairn Will Not Appear In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5

Kristian Nairn Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Key characters could be missing from Game of Thrones season 5, according to one of the show's actors. Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor in the HBO series, told the Australian Broadcasting Channel that he, Isaac Hempstead-Wright - who plays Bran Stark - won't be returning for the next instalment.

Kristian NairnKristian Nairn is touring Australia as a DJ [Getty/Jerod Harris]

"We have a season off. We have a year's hiatus," he said. "Solely because, I imagine, our storyline is up to the end of the books. ... So I get a year off now to do Rave of Thrones and gallivant all over the world."

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71st Venice International Film Festival

Isaac Hempstead Wright - 71st Venice International Film Festival - 'The Boxtrolls' - Photocall - Venice, Italy - Sunday 31st August 2014

Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright

San Diego Comic-Con International - Day 3 - Celebrity Sightings

Isaac Hempstead-Wright - San Diego Comic-Con International - Day 3 - Celebrity Sightings - San Diego, California, United States - Saturday 26th July 2014

Isaac Hempstead-wright
Isaac Hempstead-wright
Isaac Hempstead-wright
Isaac Hempstead-wright
Isaac Hempstead-wright
Isaac Hempstead-wright

David Beckham & Sons Attend Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards, See Who Else Was There [Pictures]

David Beckham Gabby Douglas Nathan Gamble Isaac Hempstead-Wright

David Beckham's appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards ended when he and his two sons - Romeo and Cruz - were covered in gold goo as part of a skit. Beckham managed to smile through the sliming incident, after his initial shock, but Cruz was distinctly less impressed when his t-shirt was ruined by the practical joke. Fortunately, the trio were the only guests at the awards ceremony to be slimed, everyone else fared considerably better.

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David, Romeo and Cruz Beckham
David, Romeo and Cruz Beckham at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards.

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The Boxtrolls - International Trailer

Eggs is a young boy living in the dairy loving, wealthy town of Cheesbridge. He was adopted as a baby and is a perfectly ordinary boy - apart from the fact that he was brought up in a sewer by an unusual group of foster parents. The Boxtrolls are underground creatures feared throughout the town as sinister and dangerous monsters, but in truth they are remarkably kind and so shy that they spend most of their time hiding in the boxes they wear as shells and venturing out at night so that they don't bump into the Cheesebridge residents. All they wish to do is collect discarded rubbish and turn it into incredible machines. Unfortunately, despite their harmlessness, a vicious exterminator named Archibald Snatcher is after their heads when the town's council insists on their removal. Eggs must help save his family, but first he's got to start behaving like a regular boy.

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Hidden Below The Streets Are The 'Boxtrolls' [Trailer + Pictures]

Simon Pegg Ben Kingsley Toni Collette Isaac Hempstead-Wright Richard Ayoade Nick Frost

The trailer for the latest film to come from Laika, Phil Knight's Hillsboro animation studio, has hit the web. ‘Boxtrolls’ tells the story of a group of goblins that live underground, feeding off grubs and various bugs, and using boxes to appear greater than the sum of their parts. 

BoxtrollsHe's not a boxtroll, but he sort of is, is Eggs

The trailer gives us a further look at the beautifully crafted, almost dickensian world that the talented guys at Laika have created. The fantastical setting is intriguing as soon as we see the cobbled roof tiles, and becomes even riper for exploring the further we go down, even below the street, where those adorable (yet thoroughly disgusting) Boxtrolls. 

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The Boxtrolls Trailer

The Boxtrolls are odd underground creatures that wear cardboard boxes as if they were shells. Shy and wary of the unforgiving world around them, they take to the streets at night to recycle rubbish from dustbins and store it in their homes below the streets of Cheesebridge; a town fixated with money and smelly cheese and who are less than welcoming to their sewer dwelling neighbours, who they believe to be enormous insidious menaces. That couldn't be further than the truth when it comes to the Boxtrolls; there is simply nothing menacing about them, so when they find themselves being pursued by a ruthless exterminator by the name of Archibald Snatcher, all they want to do is make sure they are well hidden. They have a protector, however, named Eggs - a young boy who the Boxtrolls adopted as a baby - and he's about to show them just how brave they can be in the face of danger.

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The Boxtrolls - Teaser Trailer

Eggs is a young orphaned boy who had possibly the most unusual upbringing one could ever think of; he was raised by a group of inhuman trash collectors called the Boxtrolls who live in a dingy by cosy underground cave. However, The Boxtrolls, named so because of the large cardboard boxes they wear on their torsos, find their rubbish filled paradise under huge threat when a ruthless exterminator by the name of Archibald Snatcher decides to wipe out these unusual creatures for good. Eggs must do everything within his power to stop him and save his friends (and family) from certain death.

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Closed Circuit Trailer

Martin and Claudia are two lawyers who were formerly in a relationship. They are roped into a case together on the defense team of an alleged terrorist, following a tragic bombing in a London market one morning in November. It may be a difficult job to being with, but things don't get any easier when they covertly discover that their client was actually assigned as an undercover spy for MI5 and was supposed to lead them to the bombers before the attack. They soon begin to realise that their every move is being closely watched, and with threats on their life by some powerful people following their investigations and risky suggestions in court, they must escape the controlling force that is the government before they are eradicated - though it could be too late.

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The Awakening Review

A nifty twist on the standard ghost story, this British period drama starts extremely well and then slips into overwrought melodrama. And while the plot feels a little too gimmicky, at least it's complex enough to hold our interest.

In 1921 England, Florence (Hall) makes a fortune debunking fake psychics who claim to talk to the ghosts of Brits who died from war and flu over the previous decade. Her latest challenge is to solve a mystery at a private school in Cumbria, working with teacher Robert (West) and matron Maud (Staunton).

Rumour has it that the ghost of a schoolboy haunts the house, so Florence sets out to find out what's really going on. But she has her scepticism shaken to the core by some genuinely bizarre events.

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Isaac Hempstead-wright

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