Two suspects have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery at the home of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris.

The musician was away when a group of men allegedly assaulted a caretaker at his property in the Bahamas and broke into the star's premises in the early hours of 29 November (13).

The offenders are said to have beaten the elderly man, held a knife to his throat and restrained him during the incident.

Property manager Charles Beall says, "They assaulted our caretaker... put a knife on his throat, and left him in a pool of blood wrapped in duct tape.... For them to steal is one thing, but for them to beat and abuse this elderly man, leave him tied up in a pool of his own blood - it's unacceptable."

The robbers took around $8,000 (£5,333)-worth of property from Harris' home in Nassau, but many of the stolen items have since been recovered, according to local news website

Two suspects have been arrested and are being quizzed by police.