Iron Maiden are giving fans a glimpse of their life on the road by releasing a photo book containing previously unseen pictures of the band.
The rockers have compiled a hardback tome, titled On Board Flight 666, which shows images of them over the last four years on their Somewhere Back In Time and The Final Frontier treks.
The group's official photographer John MCMurtrie has chosen more than 600 photos which he took as frontman Bruce DICkinson, who is a qualified pilot, jetted them across the globe in their private plane.
A foreword from DICkinson reads, "Here it all is. In fact, if it's not in there, it probably never happened!"
MCMurtrie tells Britain's Kerrang! magazine, "I liken touring with Iron Maiden to that of a white knuckle ride at a theme park. You spend most of the time screaming and holding on for dear life. But when it comes to an end you just want to do it again, again, again!
"This book isn't just a snapshot of a band at their peak, but a journey of six individuals who simply want to play to their fans in every corner of the globe and how they achieved it. As a photographer you couldn't ask for a better subject."