Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has called on the U.K. government to scrap tax for entrepreneurs who want to create jobs.
The rocker, who is a licensed pilot, has launched a new aircraft maintenance business and hopes to create hundreds of jobs at Cardiff Aviation Ltd in Wales.
And he insists U.K. politicians need to "think outside the box" to boost Britain's ailing economy during a double-dip recession, calling on a change in laws to allow business bosses to use their tax money to set up new companies and provide jobs.
He tells the Bbc, "This is a time when people really need to think outside the box and for governments to take really courageous actions.
"I'm not a tax exile or anything, my tax bill makes my eyes water. Now if I knew where that money was going, I wouldn't be whinging about it, but instead of the government taxing me and giving me a huge bill, I'll spend that money, not on me, on stuff I want to do and create jobs. Why can't I do that?
"So I think if you could do that, a lot more people would start businesses. It de-risks it. If you're going to lose that money to tax anyway, and you've always wanted to start a corner shop, or something, let the government give you the money to do that, rather than put it into the black hole that is the government coffers."