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Jessica Alba Remembers Down-to-earth Paul Walker

4th July 2014

Actress Jessica Alba has opened up about her sadness following the death of her Into The Blue co-star Paul Walker last year (13).Hollywood was stunned in November (13) when it emerged the actor had been...

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Rihanna Eyes Walker

22nd June 2007

R+B beauty RIHANNA has got a crush on an older man - Hollywood hunk PAUL WALKER. The Barbados-born singer, 19, fell for Walker, 33, after seeing him in 2005 scuba-diving thriller INTO THE BLUE. She...

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Alba Regrets Into The Blue

26th May 2007

Movie star JESSICA ALBA regrets starring in 2005 diving thriller INTO THE BLUE, insisting it "wasn't the greatest experience in the world". The Sin City beauty spent most of the movie in a bikini playing...

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Stockwell To Make Cannabis Movie

16th March 2006

INTO THE BLUE director JOHN STOCKWELL has signed to helm gritty new movie KID CANNABIS, in a bid to subvert social stereotypes. The film-maker wants to shock audiences with his movie adaptation of a real-life...

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Playboy Hit Back At Alba

3rd March 2006

LATEST: American men's magazine Playboy has fired back at JESSICA ALBA's claims they implied she had posed naked by placing her on their front cover, insisting many A-list stars have graced the page without appearing...

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Alba Wants To Sue Hefner

1st March 2006

Fiery Latina JESSICA ALBA has threatened Playboy lothario HUGH HEFNER with legal action, insisting the March (06) issue of his magazine suggests she poses "nude or semi-nude". The FANTASTIC FOUR beauty shot off a...

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Walker Keen To Spend Life With Alba

9th February 2006

PAUL WALKER developed such strong feelings for JESSICA ALBA on the set of INTO THE BLUE, he now wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The 32-year-old is obsessed by his...

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Alba Punches Shark

15th October 2005

Screen siren JESSICA ALBA narrowly avoided death while filming new movie INTO THE BLUE, when she came face to face with a bloodthirsty shark. The 24-year-old actress was swimming on location in the Bahamas...

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Alba Cooked For Into The Blue Crew

5th October 2005

Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA was so appalled with the quality of food available on the set of her new movie INTO THE BLUE, she started cooking for the cast and crew. The SIN CITY...

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Foster Cruises Steadily At The Top Of Us Box Office

3rd October 2005

JODIE FOSTER's latest movie FLIGHTPLAN remains aloft at the US box office, after taking in an extra $15 million (GBP8.3 million) of weekend revenue. SERENITY, a continuation of writer-director JOSS WHEDON's cult TV series...

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Alba High During Filming

30th September 2005

Screen siren JESSICA ALBA was forced to film scenes for new movie INTO THE BLUE while high on drugs, because she suffers from terrible sea sickness. The SIN CITY beauty was initially keen to...

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Walker Falls In Love With His Female Co-stars

20th September 2005

Hollywood heart-throb PAUL WALKER has found that his female co-stars are starting to have an effect on him - he often develops an attraction to each one he works with. The 32-year-old actor, who...

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Alba's Fish Fears

15th April 2005

Actress JESSICA ALBA relied on her faith to get her through the shooting of new shark thriller INTO THE BLUE because she felt sure she was set to become fish food. The sexy star...

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Paul Walker Nabs Big Pay-cheque

13th August 2003

2 FAST 2 FURIOUS hunk PAUL WALKER is poised to receive his biggest pay-cheque yet for his role in new movie INTO THE BLUE. The flick, which starts shooting on 15 October (03) in...

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