Sarah Main, Pure Pacha Interview

24 July 2006

Sarah Main - Pure Pacha Interview

Sarah Main - Pure Pacha Interview

Pure Pacha Interview – Sarah Main

Q: You're joining Pete Tong as resident at his Pure Pacha nights in Ibiza this summer, are you looking forward to it?
I really can'
t wait! Pure Pacha is our biggest night, and this year im sure it will prove itself to be better than ever. And of course playing alongside Pete is always so much fun and a truly great honour.

Q: Pure Pacha will celebrate its 4th successful year on the island this season, what do you think has made it such a success?
With Pete being such a major driving force in this industry, Pure Pacha can'
t expect anything less than success. The guest lineup is always second to none, and Friday nights is also the official start of the weekend. And as we know people always love to party on a Friday!

Q: What do you think about Jade Jagger teaming up with Pete to host the Global room with her Jezebel Parties? Will you be partying with her?
I think it'
s a great collaboration. As for partying with her…why not!

Q: Pacha is one of the most famous clubbing brands in the world, what is so special about playing at Pacha in Ibiza?
Pacha for me is one of the best if not the best club in the world. It has an atmosphere like no other club.

Q: Pacha has over 20 franchises worldwide from Barcelona to Buenos Aires and Majorca to Marrakech. What other Pacha clubs have you played at and did you enjoy it?
I have played at too many to mention. I particularly adore Pacha Buenos Aires.

Q: What can we expect from your sets at Pure Pacha?
A bit of everything to keep everyone interested. I want to see everyone's hands in the air. My sets always have an underlying funk.

Q: What qualities does a good resident need?
I really believe that a good resident should work harmoniously alongside the guest dj'
s. They should know their club inside out and have the ability to understand all styles of music that will be showcased on the different nights. This way they can compliment the guests and set them up nicely so they can have the opportunity to shine.

Q: How long have you been resident at Pacha?
5 years

Q: Where will we find you after your set? Do you have a favourite place where you like to continue partying?
After my set i like to kick back and watch the other dj's spin or go up to the Pacha terrace and have cocktails with friends. Well my life has toned down a lot compared to the last few years. So other than going to the next club I prefer to hang out at home

Q: When it all gets a bit much, where is your favourite place to get away from it all and chilllout?
I love Aguas Blancas Beach. it is so beautiful there! I don't make it there very often but when i do I am the happiest chick in the world! I also love taking my dogs for walks in the forrest by my house.

Q: Describe your perfect day in Ibiza…
Waking up slowly around noon. Get out and have lunch at the little fish shack past Sa Punta. They always serve the most delicious fresh fish! After my stomach is happy I love coming into the studio and working. Its where I feel at home. Then dinner with all my close friends at El Pato! mmmmm! Followed by drinks in the Port and head to where the party's at!

Q: When was your first visit to Ibiza and what was it like?
My first visit to ibiza was 5 years ago, and as you can see. . .I've never looked back!

Q: You have also mixed the new Pure Pacha album with Pete Tong. Tell us about the tracks you have chosen and what we can expect from your mix.
As always I have tried to make my mix aurally interesting, and tried to represent the sound of a Pure Pacha night.

Q: You're also the presenter of the new Pacha radio show that is broadcast on Galaxy Radio. How did this come about and how are you enjoying being a radio presenter? The plans have been in the making for a while and is the brain child of Beccy Irvine of Galaxy and Danny Whittle from Pacha. I'm still getting over my nerves that's for sure! I better get Pete to give me a few tips! But I am enjoying this new challenge and I'm proud to be involved in this great new project.

Q: Where can we see you play in the coming months?
I have an interesting touring schedule over the next couple of months. I am playing in places from Italy, Dubai, France, England to South Africa and always Pacha Ibiza in between.

Q: Anything else that you are up to that you want to plug?
I have lots and lots going on right now. Pacha recordings is really moving up and growing bigger by the day, so remixes and productions for them are all starting to happen. I've got 2 other albums out right now which are Live at Pacha with Louie DeVito and the new Pacha Japan compilation.

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