K-Pax - Jeff Bridges Video Interview

18 April 2002

New Movie K-Pax

In K-Pax, two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey portrays an innocuous man detained at Grand Central Station in the aftermath of a mugging.

Multiple Academy Award nominee Jeff Bridges plays a seasoned psychiatrist at an under-staffed public hospital.

Their paths cross when the police turn Prot (Spacey) over to Dr. Mark Powell (Bridges) after he politely tells them that the light on their planet is too bright for him – much brighter than back home on the distant planet K-Pax. Powell has treated plenty of delusionals in his career, and figures it’s only a matter of time before he cracks Prot’s veneer and gets him to talk about what’s really going on.

Prot says he’s on a fact-finding mission, and patiently explains how his experiences on earth contrast with life on K-Pax. He finds much to like here, but says he will go home before the summer ends. As the days before his announced departure race by, all the patients on the ward vie to go with him. His descriptions of life on a planet 1000 light years away awaken a sense of possibility among them.

The patients may feel good, but not Dr. Powell. He is haunted by dark fears for Prot, and is determined to use every tool at his disposal to discover this man’s truth before it’s too late. But as those tools fail him, Powell begins to doubt things he has accepted as true his entire life. It gets worse when Prot's claims are put to a group of skeptical astronomers who are confounded by the things Prot seems to know.

Powell has to ask himself if Prot could somehow be the real thing. He tries to fight it, but the sense that he must at least admit the possibility grows every day. And as he continues his efforts to penetrate Prot’s shell, he gradually sees how impenetrable he has allowed his own veneer to become – and how little time any man might have to discover who he really is.

Universal Pictures and Intermedia Pictures present K-PAX, a film directed by Iain Softley (The Wings of the Dove) and starring Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Alfre Woodard and Mary McCormack. The cast also includes Peter Gerety, Saul Williams, David Patrick Kelly, Celia Weston, Ajay Naidu, Conchata Ferrell, Mary Mara and John Toles-Bey.

The screenplay by Charles Leavitt is based on a novel by Gene Brewer. Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin and and Robert F. Colesberry are the producers. Susan G. Pollock is executive producer.

Softley’s creative collaborators on K-PAX also include director of photography John Mathieson (Gladiator), production designer John Beard (The Wings of the Dove), editor Craig McKay (Silence of the Lambs), composer Edward Shearmur (Charlie’s Angels) and costume designer Louise Mingenbach (The Usual Suspects).

New movie K-Pax @ www.contactmusic.com
New movie K-Pax @ www.contactmusic.com
New movie K-Pax @ www.contactmusic.com

Running time: 121mins Certificate: 12

K-Pax opened Nationwide on 12 April 2002

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