Flower Fellow - Interview

07 August 2015

An Interview with Flower Fellow

An Interview with Flower Fellow

Flower Fellow is a young girl ready to take the world by storm one flower at a time. Her latest release 'Madman' is an enchanting folk tale full of power and thought-provoking lyricism. We caught up with Flower Fellow to talk about her next steps and who influenced her alternative-folk flare.

Who is Flower Fellow and where are you from?
My real name is Colette and I'm from Hertfordshire.

What was it like to grow up in a quiet area outside of London in terms of making music?
Pretty hard, there's not much of a scene around here but most days I'm in London anyway as that's where my art college is.

Where's been your favourite place to perform so far?
I played the Troubadour in South Ken. which was insane. I was there with friends and we got pretty drunk and excited.

What's the story behind your latest single 'Madman'?
I lost my mind for a while and forgot who I was. It took writing the song for me to realise that there's more than one side to people and that I happened to have a madman in my head who was screwing with me. It took me a while to work out who I am but the song helped.

Who are you biggest musical and non-musical influences?
Music wise I love Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac and The Doors. Singers like Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin taught me how to use my voice whilst poets and authors like Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf taught me how to use words.

What is your favourite thing about London?
The art galleries. They're free and they're everywhere.

Why did you decide to call yourself Flower Fellow?
Hippies were called Flower Children and I figured as a very English chick I should pick a more English alias so I chose Flower Fellow.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Jim Morrison, as soon as someone invents a time machine.

What advice would you give other young musicians venturing out into the world of music?
Don't do drugs. Become a rockstar and you'll get them for free. (Bill Nighy)

Where can we see you live next and what can people expect from the live shows?
You'll have to wait a while 'til I'm done writing and recording but you can expect new music and more flowers.

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/OfficialFlowerFellow


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