Beach Fatigue - Interview

02 September 2015

An Interview with Beach Fatigue

An Interview with Beach Fatigue

Beach Fatigue blend garage-surf rock and powerful riot grrrl vocals to create a sound full of energy and attitude. Previously known as Heavy Petting Zoo, the band have reinvented themselves and are ready to take the world by storm with their latest release 'Drunken' Grrrls' out on October 30th via Kool Girl Records.

Who are you and where are you from?
Ben: We are Beach Fatigue, a Swansea-based, surf-rock, garage-rock band.

You used to be called 'Heavy Petting Zoo'. Are you big NOFX fans, and why the name change?
Billy: We called ourselves Heavy Petting Zoo when we were very naive youngsters and weren't really aware of NOFX. That was a big regret and so we finally changed it in order to get rid of the associations. No one wants to see that image when your Googling yourself!

What's the scene like in Wales at the moment?
Billy: There seems to be a few bands from Wales getting healthy attention, but we've always had great bands here as far as I'm concerned. At the top level, it's great to have Super Furry Animals playing again, and then bands like Future of the Left are always around. But hopefully more acts will start getting the deserved attention.

Your first single as Beach Fatigue, 'Drunken Grrrls', is due out in October. What's the story behind it?
Billy: There's not much of a story, to be honest. It's a pop song - perhaps with a gender role reversal from what you'd usually hear. At face value - it's about getting drunk, believe it or not.

What can we expect from the album it's from, and when's it due out?
Ben: If all goes to plan, the album will be out by the end of the year. There's a mix of these surf-rock type songs and then a lot of more experimental, slightly heavier and darker ones. Hopefully it will surprise people.

What influences do you think we'll be able to hear in your music?
Amy: In the past, I've had favourable comparisons to singers like Karen O and Poly Styrene and you should be able to hear the surf-rock influences of people like Link Wray from Ben's guitar. From our music we hope that you get the sort of feelings from a movie car chase and that kind of soundtrack feel, as we're quite big movie fans.

Where can we see you perform next, and what can we expect from one of your shows?
Billy: Our next gig will be in November at Cardiff's Swn Festival - where we had a great time in 2013. It's a great mix of new touring bands and the best local acts. We always recommend going.

What's the best thing that's happened to you on stage/on the road?
Amy: We played a gig for New Year's Eve - which is the day after Bill's birthday. So obviously we were all heavily intoxicated, and our set - which was supposed to end well before the midnight countdown - kept going on, and on. We eventually did the countdown ourselves on stage, about ten minutes late. We might have ruined everyone's evening - but we had fun!

And finally, what's the worst?
Billy: Erm, once the drummer from a support band proposed to his girlfriend during their set - to a mostly empty room. She said yes, but I'd like to think she had her fingers crossed.

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