Andrea Echeverrí and Julieta Venegas - Two Leading Women of Latin Movement Currently on Tour.

23 March 2005

Andrea Echeverr and Julieta Venegas

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Andrea Echeverr and Julieta Venegas - Two Leading Women of Latin Movement Currently on Tour.

Two Leading Women of Latin Movement, Andrea Echeverr and Julieta Venegas, Each Currently on Tour.

Two of Rock en Espaol's premier female artists are currently on tour. And while the two share a similar elevated status among their peers and are both well-respected by critics, their styles and personalities contrast more than they compare. It must also be noted that each has achieved a relatively large amount of success and both are respected in and out of the Latin music world. Both of the influential women recently took the time to speak with

Andrea Echeverr, the tall, enigmatic front woman for Colombia 's art rock outfit, Aterciopelados, is part Frida Khalo and part Violeta Parra. She is both graceful and striking at once, and always intriguing. Her mere presence demands attention yet nothing about her begs for it.

A savvy and poised performer, Echeverr is no stranger to success. Aterciopelados' last release, 2001's "Gozo Poderoso" (Sony BMG Music Norte), landed the group on the Top 10 of the Billboard Top Latin Albums Sales chart and secured Echeverr and company a coveted appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Adding to her accomplishments, Echeverr recently became a

Julieta Venegas - Leading Woman of Latin Movement Currently on Tour.
Andrea Echeverr -  Leading Woman of Latin Movement Currently on Tour.

mother giving birth to daughter, Milagros. In spite of the domestic expansion, Echeverr and her band are currently touring in support of the new CD, "Andrea Echeverr", released March 8 th on Nacional Records. Although the release is being touted as her first solo effort by Nacional, Echeverr seems to see things from a different perspective, If you look at the credits, you'll see all of the same names you see on any other Aterciopelados record. This is Aterciopelados. The only difference is this time I wrote all of the songs myself. There wasn't any collaboration.

The reason? It seems parenthood has provided the singer/songwriter a new source of artistic inspiration. The entire record literally revolved around my pregnancy. All of the schedules depended on my condition...and eventually all of the songs were about my experiences both with the baby and her father. It seemed logical for us to just call it Andrea...

Julieta Venegas has literally grown up in the music scene. As a youngster, in Tijuana , she played keyboards and sang in punk scene fixture, Tijuana No! and co-writing the group's biggest hit and signature song Pobre de ti.

Most recently she has once again garnered recognition for her recorded work, 2003's Si (Sony BMG Musica Norte) by the Grammys, played alongside Carlos Santana, and last year, toured Spain with Alejandro Sanz, who, in fact, personally invited the Tijuana raised singer to join him.

It was a wonderful experience, said Venegas, he, his crew, and the public treated me so very well. I am very thankful to him she said about her experiences with Sanz in Spain .

Venegas has a smile and charm completely unique and alluring. Her voice alone is enough to make those around her smile and although the lyrics to her songs can be somewhat moody, she continues to possess a bright optimistic perspective.

In her younger, punk days, she was known to dismiss whatever was thought or said of her and her music, but lately she seems to have a made quite a strong connection with the public and is simply thrilled and humbled by the love and respect given to her by her fans.

As a pronominal effort benefiting both parties, Venegas made public appearances sponsored by Pepsi in Mexico . Her appearances were very well received and Venegas made the most of them even visiting bottling and distribution facitilites.

She came and visited with us, said Jesus Sandoval, a Tijuana resident and Pepsi employee for more than twenty years. It was nice to have her come and be so personable with us.

For her part, Venegas was just as impressed by the experience, We all have a way our means of living lifewhen people allow me to into their lives its an honor, she said of her visit to her visit to Tijuana 's Pepsi distributorship.

By Francisco H. Ciriza


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