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Panther Beats Vendetta To Top Spot

Classic kids crime caper THE PINK PANTHER has been a surprise hit at the UK box office despite receiving scathing reviews. The remake, this time...

Sellers' Daughter Slams Panther Remake

Legendary comedian PETER SELLERS' daughter SARAH is disgusted Hollywood bosses have remade THE PINK PANTHER, declaring she has "no intention of seeing it". Sarah, 48,...


Panther Remake Would Horrify Sellers, Claims Biographer

Late comic legend PETER SELLERS would have been horrified to learn his name has been left off the credits of the new PINK PANTHER remake....

No Kato For New Pink Panther

INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU's manservant KATO has been ditched from THE PINK PANTHER remake because screenwriter and star STEVE MARTIN feared the martial arts expert would be...