An Insane Clown Posse fan is taking legal action against the hip-hop duo after he was injured at one of their concerts.
John Antonelli alleges he suffered a fracture to a bone near his right eye after he was struck by an unopened bottle of soda flung into the audience by rapper Violent J - real name Joseph Bruce - at a concert in North Dakota in June 2007.
Antonelli is seeking at least $50,000 (GBP34,000) in damages in the lawsuit filed in the Cass County District Court, reports U.S. newspaper InForum.
The legal documents also charge the owners of the Playmakers venue, now known as The Hub, with negligence for not providing sufficient security and control of Bruce.
The Insane Clown Posse rappers are known for their elaborate on-stage antics, which kicking or throwing several bottles of U.S. soft drink Faygo.
East Central Judicial District Judge Steven MCCullough has stated a trial will take place in July (09).