The stars of Insane Clown Posse both struggle with depression and anxiety, aggravated by bad reviews and the loneliness of fame.
The rap duo, famed for their clown face make-up, admit they are both plagued by feelings of sadness off stage, with Posse member Violent J - real name Joseph Bruce - taking prescription pills to handle his moods.
Bruce explains, "I'm medicated. I have a lot of medicine that I take. For depression. Panic attacks are really a serious part of my life."
And his bandmate Shaggy - real name Joseph Utsler - believes their emotional turmoil is fuelled by harsh critics and their solitary lifestyle on the road.
He adds: "I get anxiety and s**t a lot. And reading that stuff people write about us… It hurts...
"You do a show in front of how many hundreds or thousands of people. You're giving your full being, your soul, to every person in that crowd, every pore in your body is sweating, you're fighting consciousness, just to get it out of you, and after the show all your fans are partying, 'Yeah! Rock 'n' roll!' And you're just here (alone backstage). You're just f**king sitting here."
But Bruce believes their anxiety is part of the job: "If we moved furniture for a living, we'd have a bad back or bad knees. We think for a living. We try to create. We try to constantly think of cool ideas. And every once in a while there's a breakdown in the engine. I guess that's the price you pay."